Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Who the eff is this guy?

And once again, I find myself here running through the preliminaries for all y'all. So let's make it quick.

My name is Jordan Ferguson, I'm a grown ass man born and raised under carcinogenic skies, Windsor. With a BA in English and a diploma in Journalism and New Media I started interning at The Lance in 2003, and was hired on as News Editor in 2004, a position I held for two years. It was at the tail end of that first year that I started writing an irregular column under the pen name, 'The Paper Trail.' Hence the title. I never said it was original.

I became fleetingly infamous for my willingness to flip off whoever I felt like it in the same way contrarians and rabblerousers have been doing so for centuries. In my second year as News Editor, The Lance decided to expand its empire into other arenas including experiments in podcasting [13 episodes lost to the sands of time], as well as our first website and blog [also sandy].

By the end of 2006 the Editor-in-Chief decided he wanted to create some positions dedicated to new media, including the creation of original video content and amping up production on a new version of the Lance blog. Since I was the one most dedicated to the projects, the offer came to me, and I took it.

Two years later and I've spent one in Kingston, ON and have now settled in the centre of the universe, just like everyone dreams of. It's not without it's charms, but not what everyone would have you believe.

What you will find here is a smattering of things I think you will find interesting. Sometimes that's a link roundup, sometimes it's a stupid video like the one posted previous, sometimes it's a serious commentary on issues affecting you on campus. Despite indications otherwise this is not a one man show: I welcome any and all submissions from interested parties, though my official title is 'Online Editor' so I may clean up your copy when necessary. Love letters and hate mail can all be sent here. I update twice daily, except when I don't. I do have a full time job, people. Quality is job one, but damn!

If you're new, allow me to introduce some supporting characters.

Lady Trail: To know her is to love her, she is my one and only, the woman I moved across the province for, the one I make a home with. She casts a large shadow here, in the sense that she influences everything I do on a daily basis anyway.

Bresson: Once the most hated man at the University of Windsor, the former Editor-in-Chief has irritated everyone who matters on campus at least once. He now produces the Lance Out Loud, our weekly video news roundup.

Lauren O'Neil and Brianna Gare: aka L-Boogie and BG the Princess of Rap, they host Lance Out Loud for you each and every week.

Rogers: Once my protoge, now the Editor-in-Chief of The Lance. When you're pissed off about something, email him.

So that's the deal, yo. If you're new to campus, enjoy your time. It's really easy to just get mired in your own work, go to class, bust out home the second your classes are over...or you can try to get involved, and make the most of your time. When I was a student, I chose the former route. Now I live vicariously through my job. Don't end up like me!

So there you are. Welcome. Year Two starts officially tomorrow. When I get back from the Dunny Series 5 launch party.


Blogger Julie said...

After all these years, you still look like your goofy self. Great work w/the blog. :)

Julie Sobowale
The Dalhousie Gazette

5:42 PM

Blogger The Trail said...


I was just thinking about you the other day!!!

EiC, eh? Finally hit the bigtime? Good for you, girl. Next time you're in Toronto, hit me up. We'll do hip-hop karaoke! :D

5:56 PM


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