Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The State of the World

Top be honest, I'm considering abandoning the State of the World and just giving you shorter updates more often. It may prove easier on my constitution if I can post something quick when I get home instead of the hour ordeal the State usually is. Developing.

The saddest news I heard in the past couple of days was that Don LaFontaine had passed away at age 68. Even if you don't know him, you know him. Called 'The King of Voiceovers,' LaFontaine has lent his distinctive baritone to thousands of movie trailers and television promos. When you impersonate a movie trailer, you're probably invoking him, even if you don't know it. Quite a bummer.

Also a bummer? Federal elections. But whether you agree with Harper's claim that it isn't a vote-grab, his party's plan to give Ford $80 million to reopen the closed Essex Engine Plant is welcome news to the Windsor area.

I probably also should have mentioned in my reintro yesterday that I really can't stand Star columnist Gord Henderson. This hardly puts me in the minority, Windsor, but there is a certain mentality among some pundits that anyone who uses the Internet to voice their opinions is spreading the delusional ramblings of madmen, especially if said opinions differ from their own. Gord is chair of the Windsor chapter, most recently sifting through the comments on the Star's website discussing the news that the province spent $2.3 million on Casino Windsor's grand reopening.

Now me, I don't really care, I'm not the sort to get worked up on these sorts of things. I myself think any government money coming back into the city is a good thing, whatever it's for. The commenters Gordo cherry picks see it differently, calling it a waste of taxpayer money so the rich can throw a party. Gord takes issue with the condemnation of such "aggressive, chance-taking entrepreneurs and innovators...high-energy, whip-smart folks," labeling it myopia, a quarter word for the Windsor Star if ever there was one [it means near-sightedness, natch].

Now Gord, where would these people, your own readers, get this kind of vitriol for the upper class? Perhaps from your column? You spit bile at the 'fatcats in Toronto' every chance you get, yet you expect the working class of Windsor to give the local version a pass because they share a postal code? You spend half of your inches publicly pissing on the same people those commenters chided for spending taxpayer money on an event that probably didn't need it. You gonna tell me the casino couldn't have floated Billy Joel's tab on their own? Sounds like you want to change the pitch because you were sitting on the greener grass this time, Gord. The second you want to rally the working class into a frenzy, you'll be back to your greatest hits.

And once again, I enjoy how you spend a full column belittling people who use a feature on the website you don't allow on your own columns. Probably a smart move, I don't think you're cut out for the deep end of the Internets.

So yeah, after I pop a blood vessel at Gord, I usually point you to a ridiculous story, usually about a dumb criminal, typically from Florida. Oh hey, there's one now!


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