Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Don't Call it A Comeback

Sweet merciful Jesus, Windsor, they really waste no time, do they?

One issue in the can and already the haters emerge, ready to drag your esteemed student rag over the coals for...well, for doing our job.

Case in point, the letter to the editor from DrEd major Jeff J. Galad in the current issue. Mr. Galad takes exception with the recent article on the UWSA's decision to take the former pub food budget and award it to themselves as a raise, then reinstate the food budget when the pub reopened. Let's examine some of his allegations, safe in the knowledge that the responses they elicit are mine and mine alone, and do not necessarily reflect the Lance or its editorial board as a whole [though you can read that response here].

Galad starts his letter with a touching narrative on the sacrifices made by your elected officials, putting in days that commence, 'at 9 a.m. and hopefully [finsih] at 9 p.m. The amount of hours, hard work and most of all passion that these leaders display each and every day, goes unrecognized and now certainly by your article, unappreciated.'

While I certainly appreciate it takes a certain brand of lunatic to devote a year of their life to student service, make no mistake Mr. Jahar, every current member of that executive sees the light at the end of this academic year, and it's called a bullet point on a resume. You show me anyone who runs for an exec position, and I'll show you someone who's thinking about law school.

Galad continues his hosannah by praising the current council for their mountain of accomplishments, even at this early stage in the year: 'Take a look at the pub in the CAW basement across from your office, re-opened because of their hard work'

Shenanigans. The council you're praising are the people who wanted the Pub shut down in the first place, because it had become a financial albatross that suck moneyout of the organization like a Hoover and barely made a profit in nearly a decade. The pub reopened because the admin of the University told them to. We reported on it here. But don't take our word for it, since we clearly have no idea what we're talking about; the Windsor Star has the story here.

'On a second note, I'm sure my fellow students would be happy to see the cost and waste that goes into publishing this school news paper. (Not that you would never publish that) Keep in mind, our student fees are also used to pay your salaries and print of the paper.'

I believe you pay $5.00 a semester towards our operations. Don't quote me, it's been a few years since I was News Editor. Or cared. I know it's half of what you give CJAM. At any rate, student fees contribute a tiny fraction to our overall operations, the bulk of which come from advertising dollars, which is why most of you complain about the number of ads we run.

Yet no one cares about staring at a Nissan ad while they take a piss?

'I can't tell you how many times outside my office in the Jackman Dramatic Art Centre have I seen 2 or 3 huge stacks of un-read issues now doomed for the garbage.'

I can tell you: every week. Is this our waste, or your apathy?

'Its [sic] unethical how much paper is wasted each volume and issue. I highly suggest that you take on a 21st century tactic of e-mail and electronic copies as you are killing trees that I would like my grand children one day to climb on.'

There are numerous recycle bins located throughout campus. Again, I defer to the question asked earlier.

'This student news paper should be about student life, an easy, enjoyable read for the University of Windsor family to step away from a text book, not to anger them with half a story. I know that journalism can’t always be positive, but it can at least tell the entire truth and the back round [sic] story so then people can make judgments and conclusions on their own, instead of guided ones by student reporters.'

Mr. Galad. Jeff. Jeffy. I don't know how to put this....are you high? Honestly, are you smoking those unread copies? An easy, enjoyable read? The issue you're so upset about was raised by a former Board of Directors member. And guess what? He spoke giving one side, and UWSA President Tiffany Gooch gave hers. This is called balance, or the attempt thereof. If you don't like how your beloved UWSA came off in the exchange, perhaps you can assist them with the proper media training.

In short, it is not now, nor has it ever been, the job of this newspaper to just give rainbows and orange juice, because life on campus ain't rainbows and orange juice. Our job is to inform you of what is happening on your campus, and if you don't like what you're reading, might I suggest that you take it up with people being reported on. The second that exec was elected, they entered the public arena and put their actions on display, to be reported on by us and judged by you. But, since you clearly want sunshine blown up your ass, might I suggest you hop on over to the Daily News and get a nice, sterile, public relations-dictated take on life at Windsor. I think you'll be happier there. Those of us who give a shit be staying here.

DrEd majors, they're unique creatures, Windsor. I speak from experience, I've lived with one for two years.


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