Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 12 - update 22

WUFA strike update:

Not too much in terms of updates over the weekends.

The faculty strike is now affecting the world of the Toronto Maple Leafs, so to speak. The Windsor Star reported on Saturday that former head coach Paul Maurice has been traveling to UWindsor to finish a degree, but hasn't been in town due to the strike.

"Every time I get fired, I like to take a few courses," Maurice told "I commute from Toronto and take a few classes down there. Although, last week, the faculty went on strike and that put a bit of a fly in the ointment."

- The Windsor Star

Don Lajoie also reported yesterday that the faculty association is interested in pursuing legal action over the administration's advertisement last week which revealed some details of their negotiations.

The union representing striking University of Windsor faculty and librarians said Friday it may pursue bad-faith bargaining charges against the school's administration.

Brian Brown, president of the Windsor University Faculty Association, said the union is looking at its legal options after the administration and the university board of governors released details to the media Tuesday of the employer's final contract offer, put on the table before 1,000 professors and librarians walked off the job Sept. 17.

"Lawyers for the Canadian Association of University Teachers have been looking at it," said Brown. "They've been going for a while to see if there's a case to bring to the labour ministry."

- The Windsor Star

The University of Windsor has updated its strike information page, with an explanation of why they ran the ad in the Windsor Star last week.

The University took the step of publishing a general explanation of its pre-strike financial offer for one purpose, and one purpose only – to demonstrate to the broader community that our offer was an attempt to balance the need to be fair to our employees with the need to avoid eroding the long-term economic position and academic quality of the University of Windsor. Some have criticized the attempt to be transparent. Others believe that the amount offered was excessively generous for a variety of reasons.
- the administration
You can read more at the link:

WUFA has responded to the ad on their website, as well.

"Contrary to the University’s misleading full-page ad earlier in the week, academic salaries at Windsor will be below the provincial average were the University’s offer to be accepted. Pay for part-time faculty would be the lowest in the province, and the salary structure for full-time faculty would be the most unattractive in Ontario."

- James L. Turk
Executive Director
of the Canadian Association
of University Teachers (CAUT)

You can read more about their stance on the issue at

I promise we'll have lots more interesting material, including a media conference with the administration where they've promised to not leave until every question is answered.


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The way things are going, getting the admin to show up will be a victory in itself.

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