Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 10 - update 21

Here's what the blogosphere has to say about the strike. While I've been perusing through the blogs and vids around the net, I just haven't posted any of the comments yet - so: here goes.

Leftnews: –They are on strike and under increasingly hostile public action from the employer.

Democracy of Hipocrisy: I and many others are growing tired of this dispute and it looks as though most of the picketers are as well. They look so disillusioned, dejected and tired. They are not out in droves as they should be and when they are out, they are sitting down, on the grass, crossing their own picket lines. To me, this is not helpful, it is more hurtful than anything and conveys a message of defeat. Now, I was also hoping to hear from students on this issue but the facebook group seems to be the place to be. I know I am posting a lot in there. It's too bad though because I would like to hear what people really think, anonymously or not, I don't mind.

Bea's Hive
: Some interesting ideas came to light, we found out that yesterday that the WUFA heads and the mediator waited for 8 hours for the admin to show up and go back into talks and no one showed up. Wildeman keeps on saying that they want to be in talks, but at this point the mediator has returned to Guelph because of the unco-operativeness of the admin.

Prez Gooch: [N]othing could have possibly prepared me for this catastrophe. What's worse is the fact that what is going on is so completely out of my control. It doesn't matter what I do, how many hours I put in (9am-1am), or how hard I work: This strike will continue until the Administration and WUFA reach an agreement.

Let me answer your question with a question: DEAR IDIOTS who keep driving by in their cars and yelling "Get back to work!" at us: SHUT UP. Do you honestly think that, if ending the strike was as simple as going back to the classrooms and teaching, we'd still be standing here A WEEK LATER? Yeah, that's right. So shut up and just keep driving. None of these faculty who have been scraping by on strike pay and picketing for hours need to hear you being a loudmouth idiot.

the doctor is in
: One thing I will say to my students is this - do not fear that you will come back and have to turn in assignments and be ready to discuss multiple days of material all at once. I am not going to do that , and I doubt very seriously that any return-to-work protocol that is negotiated will allow any faculty member to make unreasonable demands of students after a week or more on strike. Just please be patient, get info from multiple sources, and do not give in to the rumor mill. WUFA is providing info via its site at, and I believe there is something in the works to provide more systematic info to students and parents (but don't quote me on that). If and when I have more info I will post it. I'll post some pictures tomorrow from today's rally outside the Board of Governors meeting.

:I know lots of people have gone home, since they don't see a point waiting around in Windsor without classes; others still are playing the waiting game, trying to do readings and be caught up for the eventual thrust back into academic life.

Some students are also angry that professors have chosen this time to strike, commenting that they should have been on strike in the summer, to limit the impact on students' education for the big fall semester return to school.

uppityundergrad: For those of you who may not be aware at this moment the faculty association at the University of Windsor has been on strike for one week. The issues of this strike go well beyond the cliché issues of wage increases and working environment -- the faculty is fighting the administration back on things that, from what I gather, are happening at many schools in North America.

Search Windsor Essex
: The strike affected the U of W students’ Shinerama fundraiser for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Saturday. Many students were gone this weekend, said co-ordinator Merisa Miladinovic. Still, about 125 people turned out for the event and helped raise about $3,000 and counting.


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