Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 10 - update 20

WUFA strike update:

Here's a round up of the latest information on everything - although the only news that matters, really, is that the strike is still on.

The Windsor Star released an editorial - meaning they're stating their opinion on the matter, in their latest column.
[W]e do believe U of W president Alan Wildeman did the community a great service this week by publicly releasing the university's last offer, and putting the dispute into perspective.


While we applaud the university for releasing its offer, the numbers also highlight the central problem in these negotiations -- and it applies to both sides -- a complete failure to recognize the difficult economic times this community faces and the tough realities that exist in the private-sector workplace.


The view of Brian Brown, WUFA president, that other universities are providing increases of between 3.75 per cent and 4.25 per cent annually -- above the U of W offer -- shows a disregard for the impact of the economic downturn on the average family in this area.

As well, the university's argument that the school needs competitive salaries in the median range of Ontario universities is outdated and irrelevant. The lower cost-of-living here, the quality of life in this area and teaching and research opportunities at the U of W should be key selling points used in attracting talented faculty members.
- The Windsor Star
Of course there's much more to read at the above link. So that's where they stand.

Students plea for strike resolution
, from Don Lajoie, outlines the very predicament students are stuck in. The reality is, they are basically powerless in this fight, though they are struggling to find some way, if any way, to implore their captors to resolve this issue. Or at least get back to work while negotiating. The big story is that the administration's representation that was expected to answer questions of the student body canceled at the last minute, giving everyone a sour taste in their mouth. The word "coward" comes up a lot in the reader comments.

Many of the Windsor Star's letters to the editor were featured regarding the strike. One of which is here, and you can surely find the rest if you browse around the site.

But the comments don't really favour the faculty, either, as they've been obstructing work crews trying to do their own jobs. Faculty picket lines halt campus construction outlines the absence of support the public has for WUFA interfering in other people's business. I was once told by one of my professors to take a course in logical thinking (it was response to a weak argument and flow in one of my essays). Well, many years later: How does standing in front of my car help you get a contract signed? Discuss.

While yesterday we linked a Globe and Mail article, Maclean's is now getting on board. In talks with Kevin Doyle a few days ago, he was a bit surprised that his "alma madder' hadn't caught up yet. University reporter, and former Canadian University Press president, Erin Millar highlights the impact that the administration has had when they took out the full-page ad on the negotiations.

And that ad that outlined some of the details of the negotiations warranted a response from the WUFA, which is here. And of course you can read the entire transcript of their statement here.

This story is growing to the national stage. For example, the strike has appeared in The Muse out Memorial University in Newfoundland. [Thanks Lindsey]

And the national exposure might grow even more as the faculty association at Wilfrid Laurier University are struggling to reach an agreement with their administration, as well. The article describes how both the administration and faculty find it difficult to balance negotiating with teaching classes, but they're finding a way to get by, like using a 'bargaining protocol.' Their contract also ended in June.


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