Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 07 - update 17 [Updated Thursday, 12.16 p.m.]

What you need to know:

Classes are already canceled for Thursday.

IMPORTANT EDIT: the 2 p.m. info session has been cancelled [8:36 p.m.]

The UWSA will be inviting students to their Council meeting at 4 p.m. on Thursday afternoon in the Ambassador Auditorium and all students are welcome. At the Council Meeting special guests
  • Dr. Clayton Smith, Vice-Provost, Students & Registrar
  • Stephen Willets, Vice-President, Administration & Finance
  • Dr. Alan Wildeman, President of the University of Windsor
  • Brian E. Brown, President of the Windsor University Faculty Association
  • Dr. Stephen Pender and
  • Dr. Anne Forrest are expected to be in attendance to answer questions.
PLEASE NOTE: It is to be noted that an open question and answer period will not be allowed. Students will be required to submit their questions before 3 p.m. to to have their questions asked. Only councilors have speaking privileges during the meeting.

The WUFA will be hosting a public information session at the Caboto Club on Sunday where the public are welcome to answer any question. If you have concerns and you'd like to have WUFA address them specifically, schedule some time this Sunday at 2.00 p.m.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

see WUFA's Response (Sept 25-08) below

The University Administration says
WUFA members earn too much.
Here is what we say:

The Windsor University Faculty Association (WUFA) believes the residents of the Windsor-Essex region deserve a first-class university. Three out of four University students come from this region. A university education is their most reliable path to a good paying, secure job.
This is our first strike in twenty-six years.
We do not take this action lightly.
We believe the quality of education at the University of Windsor is at stake.

Fair wages
In a highly competitive labour market, with a shortage of qualified academic faculty, we are shocked by the administration’s decision to undermine the “Windsor Salary Standard.” WUFA’s goal is to maintain that Standard.
For the last 26 years, the Windsor Salary Standard has ensured our wage parity by keeping University of Windsor faculty and librarians at the mid-point salary range of Ontario universities.
We want to expand the same wage protection to our coaches, teaching specialists, and part-time instructors.
Fair wages attract good faculty, and good faculty are essential for quality education and a positive learning environment.
Without fair wages, new faculty may start their careers here but will leave when they find their wages lagging behind those of their colleagues at other universities.

PTR (Promotion through the Ranks)
Promotion through the Ranks is not bonus pay.
PTR is paid in recognition of the on-the-job training that is a feature of university work. Pay-for-knowledge wage systems, such as ours, are common in professional work in both public and private sectors.
PTR is necessary because academics start their careers late and complete a 5 year probationary period. At the University of Windsor, the average age of academic staff appointed to their first full-time job is 37, after 8-10 years of post-secondary education and accumulated student debt.
The administration’s proposed cutbacks to our PTR will have a profound effect on the future wages of our members. Until now, no other university administration in the country has betrayed this principle by threatening to cut back PTR.
Fiscal Mismanagement
For the last 26 years, the university administration could afford fair salaries for its faculty. Where has the money gone?
• More and more administrators
• More and more layers of bureaucracy
• More and more outside consultants
• The forty-six top paid administrators earn $7 million at University of Windsor
• A new logo and a million dollar branding campaign we did not need
With no administrative transparency or accountability, we don’t know where all the money went.
The fiscal mismanagement of the university administration should NOT be resolved on the backs of the faculty, academic ancillary staff, and librarians at University of Windsor!
Come to the open WUFA meeting! Learn more about the issues.
Sunday September 28, 2008
Caboto Club (Canada Hall) 2:00 pm-4:00 pm
Everyone welcome

9:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And let's not forget about the Administration's new stadium debacle, when they Admin did not put in their provincial and federal grant application on time for the Junior Pan-Am games (this money would have been a shoe-in, instead the incompetent admins left student's holding the bag to the tune of $5.26 million dollars (coincidently the current deficit amount). See below:

Board Approved Capital Plan Goal
for New Stadium: $7,550,000.00

Total Raised: $2,288,301.00

Outstanding Shortfall

(from: )

10:23 AM


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