Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 07 - update 15

WUFA strike update:

From the rally that was mentioned in The Star's latest article, I have some pictures. They tell some of the story. (Sorry for everyone using dial-up.)

This was an established event put on by the UWSA.

The UWSA was providing bottles of water, and there was a BBQ as well. Tosin Bello, VP Finance & Administration, can be seen carting bottles of water around himself.

The chief idea was to have students sitting around studying. (Early plans called for hundreds of chairs to be set up for everyone to sit in while they read.) It was a demonstration of what impact the strike was having on students, on display for the Board of Governor's whom were assembled for their regular meeting.

Students also prepared a petition, and were intending on submitting a sheet that outlined how the strike was personally affecting them. Later on in the sit-in, students entered the Toldo Building and the Board of Governor's meeting to present their sheets. They were asked to leave, as the meeting wasn't made public.

Hundreds of other students just mashed themselves up against the entrance to the Toldo Building, waiting for the administration to join the meeting. One member, whom I couldn't identify, was using a folder to shield his face. Whether it was from the sun, or the faculty/students, I honestly cannot say.

There were at least a dozen photographers ranging from amateur, to expert, to professional. This is an experience that many members of the student community appear to be interested in capturing on film.

WUFA president Brian E. Brown (on the right) was making himself available for comment. He was message boxing as best as he could, indicating that the administration was yet to return to the bargaining table, and that the WUFA had organized another package for consideration. He wasn't sure why the admin hadn't returned to the table - but considered that perhaps they were waiting until after the Board of Governor's meeting before getting back to negotiations.

The faculty association lined up on the other side of the street in support of the students. They were of the understanding that the students were demonstrating to the Board of Governor's independently, so WUFA just watched on.

But then the picket captains geared them up to get rowdy and make noise, and boo as administration approached the building.

Then Liberal cast-out and social activist Edy Haddad appeared, and started to grill the professors for costing students money.

Who is Haddad? He called for a buoycott of the University of Ottawa for not offering free tuition, and declared himself interested in running as the Liberal candidate for the Windsor-Tecumseh riding back in November, 2007 - yet was overlooked by the Libs when they selected Larry Horowitz (Windsor West), Steve Mastroianni (Windsor-Tecumseh) and Susan Whelan (Essex).

What was he saying to the assembled faculty? You can find more at the Windsor Star's video of the event, here.


Blogger The Trail said...

Thank God, I was worried there weren't any overzealous left-wingers on the team this year.

12:43 PM

Anonymous westerntragedy said...

Edy Haddad is nuts. I don't even know who the guy is, he adds me to facebook for whatever reason, then I keep getting spam from him "LIBERALS SELLING OUT LIBERALS, THEY STOLE DEMOCRACY".

no spam pls, Edy, no spam.

10:47 PM

Anonymous Jen Alison said...

I think Edy is the Greatest Politician our city has ever had.
He believes in saving people,
and I am sure he is running for President of the Liberal Party.. ..


7:41 PM


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