Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 07 - update 14

WUFA striek update:

The Lance's co-op student Carly Moulton interviews people around residence to see what's beeng going on:

Andrew Bell,
Second Year Business and member of the Windsor Inter-Residence Council

What have you been doing with your free time?
My free time, I’ve been trying to keep up with my work, but it’s hard to do.

How do you think the strike will be resolved?
I’m hoping it’s going to be resolved soon, again we stay kind of impartial to its deposition, but it’s really frustrating right now just waiting for them to argue it out. I don’t think the strikes very effective right now, I think they should have done this stuff earlier, you know what I mean? They could’ve started the negotiations in the summer. It’s kind of wasting my time.

Have you seen a lot of students in the halls?
No actually, the residences are empty. Everybody’s gone home. It’s very scary. It’s difficult to run programming around it too. We’re trying to keep people interested in actually being here but if the strike goes on much longer there’s really no reason for them to stick around. That’s why we’re here though.

If you were to guess how many people do you think are in res?
Well I’ve been given different figures for different buildings but we’re at less than half right now, they’re emptying out. We have all the international students still here, it’s kind of hard for them to go home for a couple weeks, but everyone else, anyone that lives close, I’ve been home two or three times already, I live in Chatham, so I may as well.

So is Vanier empty then too?
I haven’t been in Vanier much, I’m in Clark. But apparently it’s not a pretty sight. Campus has been pretty dead so I’m hoping they get back to doing what we pay them to do.

Megan Vereyaen
First Year, Mathematics

Are you living in res?
Yah, I’m in Laurier.

Has it been pretty empty?
Yah, there’s been a few people around.

How do you feel about the strike so far?
So far it’s been all right, I hope that they resolve it because I mean we’re paying tuition money to go to school so it’d be nice to go to school. I understand that they need to get their voice out but it shouldn’t really be at the expense of the student. I think there’s a lot of negotiating that could have been done prior to the school year.

What have you been doing in your free time?
Pretty well just been hanging out, been doing some studying but I mean you can only do so much. I went home a little bit too.


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