Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 03 - update 06

Strike is still on.

According to Kevin Doyle, the executive director of public affairs and communications for the University of Windsor, and Peter Simpson, head of the Canadian Association of University Teachers Defense Fund, both confirmed that the administration and faculty had not met since the strike began, as of 3:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon.

Considering the enormous rally that WUFA is planning for this afternoon at 12 p.m. outside of Chrysler Tower, I would imagine that they won't meet until after that. CAUT is expected to present a ceremonial cheque of $1 million to WUFA. Simpson says that it is a symbolic cheque - CAUT will actually provide as much money as WUFA requres, they have millions upon millions of dollars in a fund that was established to support striking faculties across Canada.

There wouldn't be much point in rallying if they managed to sign an agreement, would there?


Regarding this comment on your BLOG yesterday:
"The CAW lot, the main one by the Assumption Church, is still charging for parking. Don’t park there, you can park ANYWHERE else, and it won’t cost you $5."
This lot is owned and operated by Assumption Church, and this lot has a staff that relies on the income they make working in this parking lot. If the Church were to keep the lots open and free during this strike, the staff who rely on the income would not be paid, and that would not be fair to the staff. Many people have chosen to pay to park in this lot regardless of the strike, and the lot continues to operate as business as usual
- John Hansor

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Here's some more stuff that came across my desk that I didn't quite have time to fit in yesterday.

Neil Gold controversy update:
The controversy surrounding the university's stance on not signing grant applications for profs who won't cross the picket lines has been resolved by The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), as well as the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). The councils extended their deadlines in support of the professors whom may be unable to get their applications in on time this year.

You can read much more on the decision from the Windsor Star in, 'Grant rules relaxed for striking profs.'


There was a student sit-in or occupation of Neil Gold’s office during the first day of the strike. If I can confirm it, I will.

Students update:

Some students are not honouring the strike – to the ire of other students. While University Players has decided the show must go on, Bea Jolley (a fourth year Drama in Education student) has spoken out denouncing her student representation in SODA, the president of which is Jeff J. Galad.

Despite [the faculty's strike], our student organization, Club SODA is choosing both to continue to hold the shows and continue to hold the show parties. The following is a letter I addressed to them about this:

As a student in the society that you profess to represent, I would like it known that I do not agree with the continuation of the events aforementioned in your statement. This is a time to stand up for what is right and to stand beside the professors who are making a grave sacrifice for our betterment, as they do every day in this, their chosen career path. I think that it is ludicrous that this organization will continue with our productions and with parties while those that worked to create this program and everything that we are celebrating are out on the streets for us. I do not support this decision and I will consider it crossing a picket line to attend these events. Sincerely,

Bea Jolley

UWSA update:

From the blog of Tiffany Gooch, your student president:

By early evening I was sitting in a meeting with the UWSA exec brainstorming ways by which we each can personally show our active support to WUFA. We decided to serve pizza to WUFA on Thursday (Vegetarian for Pender) and construct witty signs to rally with everyone on Friday at 12pm.

I spent a little time stressing about whether the UWSA was doing enough to serve students and support the faculty in their plight. After a few conversations I came to the conclusion that while there is no way to please everyone - the action that is being taken by the UWSA elected officials and UWSA members this year is electrifying. UWSA students are mobilizing in support of WUFA in great numbers - Kudos to my grade school friend Emily Wunder for her essential role in this movement.

I understand that they did in fact provide pizza - though I can't confirm whether or not the signs were in fact witty.

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