Monday, August 04, 2008

Flawlessly Scheduled, It's The State of the World

Lady Trail is supposed to be in Vegas right now drinking her face off, a sort of last hurrah before she comes back here and has to start spending some time planning her classes. Thus far she has already (i) left Toronto and gotten to Milton before realizing she forgot her passport, (ii) had her original flight canceled and (iii) had her replacement flight delayed two hours. So she lost a day of her trip. Consider this an F-You to US Air.

Hopefully your long weekend has been treating you better.

I fully admit I romanticize writers and the lives they lead [since I'm so eager to join them], and am always saddened when I read one of them passes, whether I read their work or not. Such is the case with Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who passed of heart failure at 89. I never read him, but respect his accomplishments and determination, all outlined in his obit in yesterday's Globe.

In your daily dose of sensationalism, reports say Vince Li, the Greyhound bus killer, has been placed on suicide watch in a Winnipeg prison. Li has not spoken since his arrest and refused to see either a lawyer or a doctor. What I find interesting is that the story says Li is currently being clothed in a 'special suicide suit.' What the hell is that supposed to be?

One of the most bizarre things you will realize should you ever move to Toronto [and what gives Windsor a distinct edge over it] is it is likely the first time you will encounter real wealth. Like, Ferrari-driving wealth. Disconnected from reality wealth.
This is something we talk about at work, given the somewhat affluent nature of the clientele at our location. Sometimes you talk to a person who just apparently has no idea where the line is drawn between their house, and in public. So go ahead and break our products and not pay for it. Go ahead and ask me to borrow books like we're a library [which we are not. Libraries are libraries]. Go ahead and continue dismissing my suggestions for your son's book report because 'he's not much of a reader.' It really isn't their fault. They're just stupid rich, and when you get stupid rich, especially [at the risk of generalizing] if you're white stupid rich, you expect the world to conform to the same standards as the microcosm you reside in, and you certainly have no idea how the proverbial other half lives. The Guradian discusses these phenomena.

To be fair, the ad doesn't come with the usual 'I'm Blahdibla and I approve this message' soundbite, but it's still paid for by his electoral committee and posted on his official YouTube channel: the most bizarre and far reaching campaign spot I think I've ever seen, courtesy of John McCain. Seriously, it makes those '3.00 a.m. phone call' ads look like high art.

Save yourself a summer, and instead of reading Atlas Shrugged, read this. And understand the problem with Rand's books is that they willfully ignore step three.

Regret. Illustrated.

And now, the two hour block I had assigned to myself for 'waking up/web surfing/ blogging/breakfast' is almost at an end, so I'm going to take care of that last part and get on with my day. I'll see you later tonight, Windsor.


Blogger Aaron F. said...

I must have missed you mentioning it the past, but this post seems to imply you work at a book store in Toronto. So do I... where do you work?

2:35 PM

Blogger The Trail said...

I am a friendly Customer Experience Representative at your area Chapters/Indigo/Coles/World's Biggest Bookstore.

Not nearly as cool as the hip kids downtown, I'm afraid.

Now no more personal questions! This is a place of business, dammit! ^_~

6:17 PM


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