Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The State of the World

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Most interesting item today would appear to be the appointment of Dr. Henry Morgentaler to the Order of Canada, the country's highest civilian honour. Notable because Morgentaler was at the front of the fight to legalize abortion in Canada, and still performs the procedure is still performed at his Toronto clinic.

The Tories wasted no time pointing out that the selection process has nothing to do with the federal government, in a terse statement issued yesterday.

For his part, Morgentaler expressed surprise that reaction to the announcement hasn't been more violent.

The last GTA4 item: with the lady out of town this week, back to your open arms, Windsor, I finally took the time to complete the game, on both endings. And I was struck by how dark it got. Unlike previous installments, there's no victory to be found here, no ascension to the top of the underworld heap. No matter the decisions you make, a life spent sowing violence can only reap the same. For all the criticisms of the game [from the moral hand wringing to the nerdcore backlash train that's officially left the station], what game is taking its audience that seriously?

Interestingly enough, Rolling Stone movie critic Peter Travers recently called it "it's better than anything I've seen at the multiplex so far this summer, except maybe Iron Man." High praise for the lowly medium.

I've stayed out of the ongoing trial of former area high school teacher Mark Baggio, accused of carrying on a sexual relationship with a pair of students when they were fourteen, mostly because I don't think this is the place for it, but man, is every story a new palace of treats or what? To be fair, who knows how the actual exchanges from the court are getting reorganized by the Star, but it rapidly starts to feel like this dude is out of touch with reality. Today's piece deals with the over 2,000 phone calls made to one of the girls from 2003-2005. Baggio claims the phone records aren't complete, and would show he's called his friends more than the girls.

Umm, number one, if I were to do an informal survey of all the teachers I know, they'd tell me they can count on one hand the number of times they've called students. Number two, dude, I've known my best friend two and a half decades, I don't think I've called him 2,000 since I met him, and you hit that milestone in two years? I'm not saying you ever took your pants off but... dude.

Funny: Fox News photoshops NY Times reporters to make them uglier. Very mature. Maybe I would have bought the Reddicliffe shot, maybe. But the Steinberg clip? You boys got greedy.

Surprised it took this long: Kentucky woman sells sex for gasoline.

WALL-E gets slammed by right-wing critics for being leftist propaganda. Then gets defended by other right-wing critics. Who can keep up anymore?


Anonymous Hollywood said...

Just like to make a small comment on Wall-E.

I took my niece to see it on opening weekend. Considering we took her on the Canada day weekend, the theater was surprisingly empty for a 1:15pm matinée.

The movie does have a very environmental message, but then again you can tell that before you even see the movie. I mean common he's a garbage robot is it really that much of a surprise what the subtext of the movie is?

The only thing that bothered me about the entire experience had nothing to do with the film itself. It had everything to do with the promotional swag given to the youth ticket holders. Every youth (while supplies last) received a Wall-E watch. Pretty cool item for kids under 5, I even thought it was pretty nifty, until after watching the movie.

For a movie that is supposed to be a warning about over-consuming and environmental issues, you would think that Disney would give you a watch that you could replace the batteries in.

11:42 PM


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