Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It Started as the State of the World, Honest

So yeah, I'll join the chorus: Wall-E was amazing. It was the movie my inner eight-year-old had been clamoring for since 1985. Should it get best picture next year? Some seem to think so.

--The word on the street says most Canadians support awarding the Order of Canada to pr choice abortion doctor Henry Morgentaler. But as in all quickie surveys by Ipsos Reid, the sample size was about 1,000. So while I might agree with the views of the majority, anyone who thinks that's representative needs to have their heads examined.

--Ephemera: Someone tell me, is Gord on vaca? Or is he just refusing to have his columns posted online? He's robbing me of my Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday ritual, dammit. Things are so boring without him chewing the side of his face as he rails against whatever straw man has vexed him that day.

--Improv everywhere strikes again, using teams of twins to create human mirrors on the NY subway.

--So like I said, I saw Wall-E tonight, and as with any Pixar production, it had a short film at the beginning, which I always approve of for giving you that sense that you're getting more bang for a buck [to quote Grandpa Simpson: in my day you paid a quarter and got two movies, a cartoon, a bucket of popcorn and a whuppin']. Tonight's short is entitled 'Presto' and you can peep it for free on Pixar's website.

--One of the more genius blog ideas is 'Stuff White People Like,' devoted to the study of exactly that. From scarves to Mos Def to deciding what's best for poor people, Christian Lander and his team have pretty much all the bases covered. I mention this only because Lady Trail could not keep herself from buying the newly released book when she picked me up at work.

--Am I the only one who remembers Showbiz Pizza? And am I the only one who can't remember why I remember Showbiz Pizza? Anyhoo, the highlight of this Chuck-E-Cheese impersonator for most people was the animatronic band, The Rocka-Fire Explosion. Of course, this being the Internet, it didn't take long for these people to connect, providing the means for one of the more diligent fans to acquire a full set of the band, and reprogram them to play contemporary songs. Like this one.

This is exactly the sort of thing people like Lee Siegel get irritated by.


Anonymous Lasy Trail said...

I mean this without exaggeration: Possibly the best thing I have ever seen on the Internet.

No lie.

10:01 PM

Anonymous Lady Trail said...

Dammit - I cannot spell my "handle." Thanks for pointing it out, dear.

10:02 PM

Anonymous Hollywood said...

No, your not the only person who remembers showbiz pizza. But Around 1992 Showbiz Pizza became Chuck E. Cheese. The Jingle stayed the same and the characters stayed the same. The only thing that changed was the logo and the design on the tokens.

10:57 PM

Blogger Lindsey R said...

Rock-A-Fire Explosion is the best thing ever! Chuck E Cheese is getting rid of their remaining robot bands and just using video screens now. The one in Windsor only started with one robot:( There's a Chuck E Cheese in Detroit that had the full band as of 2003. Not that I'm still going to those sorts of places that late in my life. Uh... So have you seen this:

Fast Eddie's used to have the Showbiz robots, but that's all long gone:(

11:52 PM


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