Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Trail's Idea of a Sport Report

A lovely day of capitalism spent at the Square One mall out in Mississauga today. Be forewarned, Windsor: with the Lady off for summer vaca, your Mon-Fri schedule could get a little wonky.

In sports, the greatest night of the year happened last night with the annual[ish] WWE draft. Looking at the results:

Rey Misterio goes to RAW. To be fair, ReyRey had done about all he could on Smackdown, and I wouldn't have predicted another run at the top for him over there. He may not get one on RAW either, but at least we'll get some fresher matches, and the brand gains two kid-friendly top babyfaces with him and John Cena.

Jeff Hardy goes to Smackdown. Won't harm or help him, I don't think. Though Smackdown's a little more lenient with who they let run with the ball, so maybe he'll get a top push. Though maybe not...which we'll discuss in a minute.

CM Punk goes to RAW. Not a draft as much as a 'calling up to the big leagues'. Punk's super over, yet directionless in ECW. Start building him up to make him a viable contender when he uses that Money in the Bank shot he's got.

Matt Hardy goes to ECW. On the surface, it looks awful for him. Everyone knows ECW has become the farm leagues, but Hardy's got a rabid fanbase, and the shuffling of both him and his brother might be a play to lure their fans to watch their shows.

Jim Ross goes to Smackdown; Michael Cole goes to RAW. Ummm....what?!?! Look people, Jim Ross leaving RAW [everytime it happens] is akin to CBC losing the Hockey Night in Canada theme. He is the voice of RAW, the best play by play man in the business, and I don't know why they continually move him from his spot. I've heard before they wanted to bring Cole up to the big leagues, and if they want to mould Mick Foley into a top tier commentator, JR's the man to coach him, but still. It's just kind of balls.

Batista goes to RAW. Meh. Doesn't really matter one way or the other, besides possibly freshening up Dave's character. Heel him, put him with Jericho and continue the feud with HBK.

Umaga goes to Smackdown. Where he can now be beaten by all the main eventers on that brand.

Kane goes to Raw. Don't really see the point, since Kane's been bounced around all three brands more than anyone in the company. Hopefully they have a plan that won't neuter ECW completely.

Triple H and Mr. Kennedy go to Smackdown. No. Effing. Way. Nice cliffhanger, but no. Effing. Way. Trips has always wanted to be on the top show, and RAW is the top show. Unless he's been struck by an altruistic desire to elevate the Friday show, this will never stay. Look for some 'back room dealings' to send the Champ back to Monday Nights. Kennedy? Meh. Maybe he'll get some direction out of the change. Lord knows he needs it.

As always, my thanks for sitting through this. Going to watch 'Be Kind Rewind' now.


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