Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jordan's Coworkers Meet The Paper Trail

In which I have a Trail-like outburst in the staff room with a coworker* who is a bit of a radical feminist.

Paper Trail: I think I'm going to devote my remaining days to solving the Mayer Paradox(TM).
Co-Worker: Which is?
PT: I'm trying to figure out how a guy who is so obscenely funny, so willing to take the piss out of himself, can make music so awful?
CW: Oh, I know, like that song that says all women have to be mothers?
PT: Zuh?
CW: You know, the one that says fathers be good to your daughters so they can become mothers.
PT: First of all, I'm pretty sure it says 'girls become lovers, who turn into mothers,' and it says girls, not all girls.
CW: Whatever, it's a bullshit song that tells women they only have one option in their lives.
PT: No, it says that some girls choose that path. I know I'm a country-fried hick and all, but last I checked you needed to be a girl to be a mother.
CW: It's anti-feminism.
PT: I f*cking hate feminism.
CW: You're girlfriend's a feminist, she'd agree with me.
PT: Actually, she'd probably think you were on the batshit express to Crazytown, too.
Second Coworker, half paying attention: Did you just say you hate feminism?!
PT: Sure did!
SCW: We're gonna fight later.
PT: OMG, it's the sound of [name withheld] picking another argument no one wants to hear.

Despite being right, I still apologized.

*as James Frey has a new book out, I feel compelled to point out this may or may not have happened in the way described.


Anonymous Laura said...

Your politics don't actually seem that incompatible with feminism(s), based on what I've read over the years.

What is your conception of feminism that would cause you to hate it?


10:49 AM

Blogger The Trail said...

I don't hate feminism, I hate radicalism. Most iterations of it I encounter seems more concerned with its own radicalism than the issues at hand.

Case in point: We were watching the Wings game today when an ad for shave gel came on, featuring a parade of women in low cut tops and hot pants spraying each other with foam. That's offensive, and I'll support anyone who takes issue.

Reading too much into a John Mayer lyric, I can't support. I just think such behaviour does more damage to a cause than it helps, since it automatically paints the practitioner into the 'crazy oversensitive' category.

What you've read over the years? Good Lord, are you an honest-to-god reader I've picked up, or have I forgotten a Laura I once met? ^_~

6:14 PM

Anonymous Laura said...

I get the critiques about radicals being radical for its own sake, but it’s also too easy to use that as a way to blame feminists for their own lack of success (or perhaps popularity is a better word). It maintains focus on the individual, rather than redirecting it to a still-present patriarchal system that’s caused them to get all riled up in the first place.

And no, I’m not claiming that John Mayer is any more complicit in the perpetuation of patriarchy than the rest of us, ha.

An honest-to-god reader! I was an avid reader of the Lance during my undergrad, and have followed you since the first paper trail column appeared in the back pages. I’m at Western now (an MA in Women’s Studies - does it show?) and it’s an understatement to claim that the Gazette pales in comparison. Sigh. So it’s nice to stay connected, my thanks for all the good reading!

10:11 PM

Blogger The Trail said...

I would never dream of blaming feminism as the root cause of its own shortcomings, and I obviously support the removal of the patriarchy [if you look at my house, it's clearly already gone, ba-dum psssh]. 'Craziness', or at least what I deem it to be, gets no love from me. Yes, I'm that arrogant.

And you were probably spot on about my politics. Though establishing what exactly my politics are might be a future post.

I am sad to report my current experiments to solve the Mayer paradox: results inconclusive.


From the first column? And you're still here? God bless you. Here I was starting to worry I'd become a shadow of my former self.

And see that, UWSA? We're not the worst paper in Canada. Suck on that!

12:25 AM

Blogger Athena said...

The Batshit Express to Crazytown is highly correct. I had the EXACT same discussion with name witheld about a year ago and nearly threw myself in the garbage dumpster in frustration.
Good times.....

2:04 PM

Blogger Amy said...

You're so wrong!
Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too

It's about treating women nicely! I don't need that! God! Feminist seperatism all around! Death to penis! Uh..uh...Something something feminist smash!

2:55 PM


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