Friday, April 04, 2008

Not Sure What It Is, But It's Funky

Sorry about the lack of update yesterday, Windsor. Jut too tired to drag my ass to the computer after work. And with Lady Trail coaching a curling tournament near Kingston this weekend, I'm a little underwhelmed with life in general, content to kill a few hours playing Guitar Hero or Beautiful Katamari before lying in bed until I can't stay awake anymore.

While this bout of isolation isn't nearly as bad as last year's Gollum Watch, it's still not sunshine and orange juice.

Hmmm...Carl Leone gets 18 years in prison for infecting his sexual partners with HIV. The ruling judge said he didn't believe Leone is a high risk to reoffend. For his part, Leone said he deserves all the time he gets, and that he's found Jesus. Hope that convinces his fellow inmates, rumour has it sex offenders have a hard time in jail.

If you want to do something cool for your county neighbours, be sure to vote for Kingsville in this year's CBC Hockeyville contest. Last month Kingsville made it into the top five, becoming the only Ontario town in the competition. The deadline for voting is this Sunday at 11 a.m. You can vote online here or by calling 1-888-843-5604.

You know, some say when you're caught in a lie, one of the best things you can do is just admit it and play it for laughs. I'd be inclined to agree, but perhaps not if running for President of the United States.

While I may not be a Hilary fan, I do stop short of what others have said.

And with that, friends, I'm off to work, to furrow my brow in frustration at people who buy Oprah picks and are in-f*cking-capable of putting a magazine back where they found it.

You know, douches, I'm not even asking you to put it back on the shelf, just put it in the basket provided, for God's sake.

As an aside, last weekend I discovered my new favourite hobby: going to other locations in the Reisman empire and belittling customers who do the same shit I can't talk about when they do it at my store. That old bastard at Bay/Bloor who set a pile of a dozen rags on a display table of world literature didn't look too impressed when I asked him if that's how he does things in his house.

Next time, I'm going to find anybody buying a Kevin Trudeau book and beg them not to buy it, because everytime that hack makes a dollar my soul dies inside.

Enjoy the weekend, Windsor.


Anonymous Lindsey said...

Whaaaaat! No mention of the New Kids on the Block reunion in your post?! This is breaking news!

It's okay, I know you were probably too excited to even begin typing about it.

2:33 AM


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