Sunday, March 02, 2008

This and That From Here and There

Probably most notable of the bits and bytes floating around is the word that local designer/blogger/man about town Scotty LaFramboise is sick and tired of all the bellyaching regarding Windsor and would prefer to celebrate what's good in the city, starting up the new blog Good News Windsor.

And for the record, when I piss and moan about the paradigm shift that needs to happen, and the embrace of the creative class, Scotty's efforts are the sort of things I'm referring to. No, you can't sell it, and you can't make a buck off of it, but the more men and women like him make the effort, the more vibrant the community becomes, which makes its citizens want to get out there and interact with each other, which might be the sort of place corporations want to invest in. So kudos to him. Eddies' always complaining that the people of Windsor don't get out there and tell their story, blogs like that are one way to do it. Give the man some traffic.

Related, to a certain extent, the inexhaustible Jamie Greer [of the Windsor Scene] has recruited some help to battle the void in the local music scene left by the closure of the Avalon Front [RIP]. Every Thursday you can now catch some of the finest live music in the city at Scene at The Room [255 Ouellette above Chanoso's]. SHows start at 9.00 pm, are 19+ and have a $4 cover.

Things get officially started this week, March 6, with Windsor hip hop dons the MicLordz & Sauce Funky and piano metal players Sledgehammer.

Strangely enough, Greer posts a piece on the group message board by creative class champion Richard Florida why music scenes are essential to local communities. It's enough to make me optimistic, Windsor.

What also gives me optimism is the way that the throwaway bonus track from Erykah Badu's first album in eight years kills 80 per cent of the pop/R&B crap that gets spewed out by the industry. The Trail's summer jam '08 is picked, and it's only March.

I love the fact that I knew over half of the albums depicted in the video, and that the dude in the George position on the Let it Be album has the same expression I had the first time I heard the song. The one that says, 'Oh my GAWD this is some funky mess.'

Back to basics come Monday, y'all. Hope your break was relaxing.


Anonymous scotty2naughty said...

Hey Jordan, thanks for supporting and spreading the 'good news' so wonderfully! There might not be good news everyday, but whenever I find it I will post it!

I think I need your expert advice on what I can and cannot re-post from other news sources and how to go about it without getting in trouble. If you have any insight and a few minutes of your time to spare, drop me a line at scotty2naughty at I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks again! You're the best.

9:59 PM

Anonymous meghan said...

way to go scotty!! thanks for keep spirits up around town!!!

10:16 PM


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