Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Opinion: Where My Peeps At?

These suckers are headed for the microwave in about three minutes.

Allow me to use this forum to editorialize for a moment, if you will.

From my distant vantage point, it appears as though numerous parties are livid at the current conduct of the UWSA and its latest batch of ambitious hangers on. From the allegations of gross misconduct, to the resignation of the Electoral Monitoring Committee en masse, to that poorly explained referendum question concerning the control of this newspaper, to candidates getting disqualified, this year's election has been more of a disaster than I'd have thought. And I've been keeping an eye on student government for four years, Windsor. Nothing much surprises me anymore, so the Ma year is one for the record books.

Well, my longstanding comrade-in-arms [and let's be honest, the main reason why people get a mad on for The Lance] D'Arcy Bresson has taken pen to paper to remind you, the student body, that hey, them fools work for you! And you actually have something you can do about it!

Bresson's editorial in the latest issue of the Lance [which may hit stands tomorrow], reminds you of this sobering fact, concerning the UWSA Annual General Meeting [originally scheduled on March 27 in violation of the constitution, now hastily rescheduled to April 10. Can they do anything right over there?]:

"So long as quorum is met (a mere 2 per cent), each student in attendance will have a vote, giving them the power to change the organization that claims to enhance student life through 'advocacy, representation and service.'"

OMG, you actually, for reals, have a say!

The reason I'm pointing this out is because I'm making an appeal. In the two years I have maintained this forum I'm confident I've never promoted much of an agenda above 'I love Grand Theft Auto' and 'Watch more Takashi Miike movies' but I'm plugging one now.

If you care at all about the state of your student newspaper, if you'd like to actually have a say and know what you're voting on, go to the AGM and request the referendum be put to students again at the fall by-election. Spencer Hills, coordinator for the 'yes' side has already admitted in print that he'd have no problem making such a move, provided enough students feel such a move is necessary to , I don't know, have an informed debate on the issue?

I am well aware it looks as though I am protecting my own interests here, Windsor, and why shouldn't I, really? But no, if you need proof the cause is just, look no further than the opinion page of this week's issue.

[Former] UWSA Law rep and my favourite person in the world Ken Birchall took a moment from martyring himself for justice and leaving juvenile Facebook messages to pen an editorial that was surely cut down from 47,000 words.

After taking his obligatory potshot at me and the entire staff as a whole, he admits that despite his ambivalence towards The Lance, not even he was happy with how the referendum was conducted. Not that he wouldn't like the same result, but that the way it was conducted was a total shitshow.

Windsor, do you know what this means? Ken Birchall and Jordan Ferguson agree on something. The King of the D-Bags and the Pug-Faced Hack have found a sliver of common ground. What further proof do you need?

But let's not lose sight here, the primary issue is this: if you're disgusted with the joke that your student council has become, if you're tired of feeling like nothing you do or say makes a difference to the people sitting in Upper CAW, get your ass to the Ambassador Auditorium, April 10 at 4.00 p.m. Never has the cliche been more true: if you don't make your voice heard, you forfeit the right to complain.

And watch out for Coffin. He's a slippery one.

Edit: Kudos to Senator Viva Dadwal for the most mature, restrained, intelligent editorial I've seen from anyone in student government in a long time. Mark your calendars, Windsor. March 24, 2008: a member of the UWSA admitted their past mistakes, and owned up to them, treating herself and her constituents like adults.


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