Thursday, February 07, 2008

When You Work a Close, You Do It Quick Likes

But Trail, couldn't you have just woke up earlier?

Quiet, you.

So what's going on out there? Well, with the news that Essex aluminum is getting the axe, Gord is scared shitless about the future of the city, which took him long enough, to be honest. Though he brings up an interesting social stat in the column: moving companies suggest that there are 10 people leaving the city for every one coming in, yet immigrant and refugee demographics are skyrocketing for the city, mostly because the price of real estate is rock bottom there. What will the city look like in 10 years? Five, even?

Elsewhere, with all eyes a gaga over the US election, let us not forget the "election fever" quickly fomenting in Ottawa. The Conservatives have put Parliament on notice that three upcoming motions [the budget, extending the Afghan mission and a crime bill] will all be considered confidence motions. Meaning, if they don't pass, we go back to the polls again. The article has a dateline of when all this could go down.

Michael Moore tells Larry King he's "morally prohibited" from voting for Hillary.

In an effort to curtail vengeful feedback from sellers who get dissed on eBay [which was cited as the #1 reason why people were fleeing the service], the site is prohibiting sellers from posting negative or even neutral feedback about their buyers. Instead, the company will offer new ways to protect sellers when customers don't pay.

Just text HOLYNSS to get wisdom from John Paul II sent directly to your mobile!

Pure gossip: Will Smith may or may have not joined the Church of Scientology. In other news, since I need trash in my life, I've been reading that Tom Cruise bio on my breaks at work. Scary. That's all I'ma say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Cruise tell-all book is a fabrication from start to finish. You are spot-on in calling it "trash". Andrew Morton's just jumping on the "hate on Scientologists" bandwagon which is so trendy now but really strikes me as kinda like entering the ugly territory of hate-speech and hate-crime.

Can't we all just get along? I think Scientology is goofy too, but I don't want to see all this crazy stuff against them either.

5:41 PM

Blogger The Trail said...

The main bulk of what I've been reading so far was the 'war against psychiatry' that's apparently ongoing.

I'm all for live and let live as much as anything else, but if half of this can be believed, it's pretty spooky.

That said, Morton's still a hack. But he knows how to make that money.

6:24 PM


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