Monday, January 28, 2008

That Which Will Not Die, and Other Stories

Told you I was being optimistic.

It was a busy weekend for University bashing as both Gordy and Bubi's Burgers(?!) voiced their continued frustrations over the UofW's lack of desire to get roped into bailing out a mess they had nothing to do with.

Though Bubi's manager Kyle Reid was level headed enough to admit that if you want to lay blame for the project's ultimate failure, it can be spread to school and city admins.

I stand by what I've always said: it's not necessary to expand into another shitpile when so much has been invested in the shitpile we already have. *curtsy*

Never one to miss an opportunity, Gord tells us St. Clair president John Strasser has begun making comments that his hands are wide open if the city wants to toss some money and land to him.

Let us also, if we may be media literate for a moment, examine Gord's skilled use of language. He describes Strasser as a "steel company CEO who could skate circles around most ivory tower thumb-suckers," who's got two bucks in his pocket for a "double-double klatsch" with Eddie.

Look how with one single sentence, Gord casts Strasser as "one of us." A steel CEO, hey, they make cars out of steel! Or, they used to! He drinks Tim Horton's? I drink Tim Horton's! I love you John Strasser, have my babies.

The man knows his audience, give him that. Oh, and anyone who didn't want the engineering building downtown is a "Windsor despising dimwit." I suppose that would mean me.

SIDENOTE: You know what the consensus among the former Windsorites I've talked to who love their home city is? Sadness. They come home, and they are just terribly sad for what has happened there. And they are troubled by the fact that a lot of people don't even see how bad it's become.

I've spent most of my adult life wearing a hooded sweatshirt with ROSE CITY embroidered on it and defending that town to everyone from disillusioned teenagers to narrow-minded Torontonians so don't fucking tell me I despise my city, Henderson, because I know what I see when I come back home, and if you think some academic building will revitalize the downtown, I'd like your opinion on the Chrysler Building, please and thanks.


Proving that there ain't no party like the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton is admitting her husband got a little carried away, and was sleep deprived when he made pointed comments regarding Barack Obama last week.

Anonymous takes its fight against Scientology to the streets of Orlando. It's boring, but it's there if you want to watch it.

Oops: Television presenter doing a program to show how safe Britain's streets are at night has a gun pulled on her.

Slate makes a case for drinking your toilet water.

South Korean singer offers to expose his junk on television to prove he hasn't been castrated. And that's in the not crazy Korea.


Anonymous Rogers said...

Remind me,

what were advantages for the University of Windsor to move any of its campus downtown again?

1:48 PM

Blogger The Trail said...

Don't you know? The mere presence of students would save the downtown core. Doesn't matter if they actually patron the businesses down there, a pretty building would fix everything.

Honestly, I'd grant that if you moved the whole campus downtown, then it could mean something. But the university currently structured like it is, it makes no sense to do so. But I'm a dimwit, so what do I know?

12:01 AM

Anonymous Rogers said...

Hmmm, to rephrase, what would the University of Windsor get out this deal? I know the pocketfull of fun that the city gets. Hope.

But if the uni already had land to build on, what is it that they were actually getting in return from the city?

8:51 AM

Blogger The Trail said...

The City was willing to foot part of the construction cost, I believe, which is the main reason why I think these frothy rant types have their knickers bunched.

They see it as a slap to the city's face: "Keep your money and your land, we'd rather build it under the bridge." And maybe it is. Doesn't change how ineffectual it would have been to the city core's overall fortunes, IMO.

12:05 AM


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