Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The State of the World

Top of the pile today is the news that the province has given the UofW over $4 million dollars to improve energy efficiency and repair infrastructure.

There was an issue during my time as News Editor I always wanted to dig into but never really got the chance to, and that was on 'deferred maintenance'; essentially that the U will put off making necessary repairs to spend that budgeted money elsewhere, something Ross basically admits in his quotes. He even adds to the campus vernacular by referring to some old classrooms as 'Harry Potter rooms,' meaning they're so old you could film the movies there.

I'll use this opportunity to make the same request I always make at times like this: can you please do something with Dillon Hall? Please?

In other city news, bust out your rose coloured glasses for an economic forum at All Saints Anglican Church [330 City Hall Square] at 7.00 p.m. Said organizer Hillary Paine: "We're operating on the premise that the glass is half full. It's surprising what the power of the people can do when it's mobilized and allowed to express itself."

I can't be snotty on this one, Windsor, only because the people behind this are passing on laying blame and choosing instead to look at the challenges as a community. Drop me a line if anyone decides to go.

Moving outward, in what I'm sure is a joyous day for a large number of people, George Bush gave his last State of the Union address last night, and man, does he sound like he's checked out or what?

You may recall there was a surge of articles last year on how self-centered all you teenagers and early 20somethings are, how you want the world handed to you for nothing and think you're more special than you are. It was a pretty popular theme, and we linked to a lot of articles on it. Turns out, you're all no less self centered than anyone before you, according to researchers at the University of Western Ontario. Turns out it's the old timers who have the problem.

Who knows how long this will be up, but you should probably fear for Suri Cruise if it's legit.

HuffPo pleads for Al Gore to support Obama. Funny, it hadn't occurred to me before now how powerful Big Al's endorsement could be.

Host of radio show in Austin, Texas burns the station down when his playlist gets changed without his consent. Name of the show he hosted? 'Mellow Down Easy.'

Eighty people get into a violent brawl. At a Chuck E. Cheese.


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