Friday, January 18, 2008

Holding the Fort

You may be asking yourself, 'Wait, isn't this the week of the Canadian University Press National Conference?' and I would say, 'Yes!'

You may then ask, 'Should you not be in Ottawa then, Trail?' and I would say, 'No!'

Because you see Windsor, Daddy likes money. And he can't make none if he runs off to Ottawa to get plastered on hotel bar Caesars with Rogers all week [as delicious as that sounds right now]. So no, I will be here holding down the fort, hopefully some of my colleagues will be able to file dispatches as the week goes on.

Though man, if you guys missed the Digital Rights seminar with Michael Geist, you missed out. He's at the head of a major movement regarding sane copyright legislation in Canada, and I'm actually jealous I couldn't make it.

I admit, I'm a little disappointed with how...traditional most of the seminars are. Save for the aforementioned Geist session I see....token seminars on websites and podcasting from a pair of CUP staff. Podcasting? The Lance done been and gone from that two years ago. Maybe all that hype Bresson's spouting is actually legit.

Oh, and you should check out Walrus publisher Ken Alexander at his keynote. I was the only one from the Lance who caught him in Ottawa three years ago, he's a pretty good example of someone who traded in their starry-eyed idealism a long time ago, but still has an iron belief in what he does.

So to our CUP n00bs, Lindsey and Natasha, enjoy your first. Lord knows some of the best weeks I've had were at NASH. And to Rogers, don't drink too much. But if you must serenade someone with sweet Bhangra rhythms, I'm not about to stop you.

Oh, and grab me some of them Fulcrum buttons. I gotta believe they whipped up some good ones if they're the hosts.

Maybe you'll get some news later. Then again, maybe you won't. I like to keep you guessing.


Anonymous Rogers said...

Hey brutha,

your call out for a caesar makes me want a caesar. I've got my evening planned out (which includes Duck Hunt on the big screen in the lounge).

More details on how things are going to follow.

Now, to caesars!

9:01 PM

Anonymous Rogers said...

Well, we had our first legit call out for behaviour tonight as McQuaig was visibly upset that a spoof edition of the CUP Daily was released. She read from the CUP Code of Conduct. I had nothing to do with it, I swear.

In it, famed reporter Juliet O'Neil, who was almost individually responsible for getting the Arar case in the media, and released an innocent man from tortuous custody, was made fun of on the front page. Someone went to the lengths to even draw a cartoon of her while people threw underwear at her - making light of the fact that her house became a crime scene when she refused to release the name of her source, and the RCMP went through everything, including her unmentionables.

There were a handful of other tasetless articles that probably shouldn't have gone to print and distributed. There IS a humorous image of Jack Layton kicking it old school playing the air-DJing on an imaginary turntable. It's worth a gander.

Goes to show, tasteless parodies have no place in circulation. Lest this be a lesson to everyone involved in the print media?

And on that note: next week keep a keen eye out for anus, crack, pee, Rush, scab workers, 70s rock stars, skeet shooting, and Dale Coffin on campus. I have a hunch that they'll be coming up.

10:31 PM


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