Monday, December 17, 2007

Nuclear Winter

So where were you when Jack Frost kicked us all in the nuts?

Myself, I left the house about 20 minutes earlier than usual for a 9.15, traipsing through the sideways flying snow down to the station, only to discover it didn't even open until 8.55. On a good day, that would still make me late for work. In a snow squall? Yikes. So I finally get a streetcar down to St. Clair West, only to discover the Spadina line had gone haywire and would be delayed for at least three hours. I wander the station looking for a payphone that works, finally finding two at the grocery store next to the station. I call home on one and have the Lady get me the number for work, then call work on the other to find out what they want me to do. Management instructs me to "do what I can," essentially saying there's no heat for calling in sick, but effort would be appreciated.

I inform the Lady of what has transpired, and she tells me she's driving me in. I hang up and go outside to wait for her, listening to music on my iPod and watching people get increasingly irritated at the state of transit. At one point, I heard thunder.

Thunder. In a snowstorm. I decide then and there that the Lady is not driving in that sort of weather and we are going home. When she arrives, she disagrees.

"If you want to be considered after the holidays, you need to show up today. The roads aren't that bad, actually, I'll be fine."

I reluctantly agree, but what else can I do? She's driving. Highlights of the 35 minute commute include the passenger bus that couldn't get out of a snowbank and the pickup truck that somehow managed to move forward six blocks while sideways. Got into work about an hour and a half late and was applauded as a conquering hero.

And how was your Sunday?


Anonymous Lady Trail said...

There's nothing the Lady enjoys more than having the opportunity to really take advantage of her vehicle's 4x4 capabilities.

No references to Grand Theft Auto need to be made, but you get my drift.

10:05 PM

Anonymous Lucas said...

i barely made it to the beloeved CTC 281 on sunday, it took me 15 minutes to go 100m. you know my driving habits and how hard that it must have been for me lol, its a good thing i left early even wiht a massive hangover...

11:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...what would her students say................

PB Jr.

12:23 PM


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