Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Not quite the state of the world, not quite a waste of time

Now Wednesday is typically the day when a new volume of the mothership goes online. A quick jaunt over to reveals that either Lindsey's being really lazy, or my print compatriots might be done for the semester, which strikes me as odd, since I thought there was always one print edition in December. There was in my day, I'll tell you that.

And I know you're asking the same question you asked last December: Trail, will you still be with us to delight and entertain during this stressful exam-filled month? Of course I will, babies. Look forward to me continuing to keep an eye on things at your beloved institution and city, while reserving a moment now and then to take the piss at Gord Henderson. At least, until the 23rd or so, when I will be sans ordinateur until just before the new year.

Remember, children: you can only live on the goodwill of others for so long. Moving on, since nothing happened in Windsor today:

  • In light of the upcoming reunion show, Slate looks at how Led Zeppelin ruined themselves by writing Stairway to Heaven, and reminds you why Zep are awesome in the first place.

  • If you know me at all, Windsor, you know I hate whales. I think they're important to our ecology and should be protected and respected, I just have no intention of doing that myself. I think they're ugly, and more than a little terrifying. So you know I must find a story worthwhile if it's on whales. Currently, Greenpeace is holding a survey to name a humpback they've adopted. Choices range from Anahi [Persion for 'immortal'] to Veikko [Finnish for 'brother']. Currently leading in the polls?

    Mr. Splashy Pants

    Now oddly, Greenpeace seems to have extended til the 7th, due to "popular demand". Some are taking this as an opportunity to defeat Mr. Splashy Pants in the voting. I would never suggest that anyone who reads this blog ensure that Mr. Splashy Pants is the victorious moniker. But if that's something you wanted to do, you can vote here.

  • Staying all environmental for a moment, Knut, the world's most adorable polar bear cub turned one-year-old today. You will recall that animal activists wanted him killed. No comment, just statement of fact.

  • The war against Christmas kicks off overseas.

  • A cat experiences zero gravity. Where science and animal cruelty meet, comedy emerges.


Anonymous Lindsey R said...

While I am lazy, our last print edition of the year came out last week:P You can listen to Ryan's sports broadcast on the right side of the sports page if you're itchin' for more Lance-related goodness, though!

2:35 PM


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