Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Most Important Decision You'll Ever Make

Momentous day today, Windsor. After Global Morning weatherman Bill Coulter commented on this very blog, I thought things couldn't get any better. Until Global Morning traffic hottie Pooja Handa came into the store today. Guess what? She's hotter in person. The circle is complete.

And apparently I ruined Christmas this year, by deducing what Lady Trail was planning to obtain for me this holiday season [even though she practically invited me to do so]. My lovely life partner, the grandest Lady I know, who is diligently making her way through an endless pile of tenth grade term exams as I type this, was planning on getting me a new videogame console, either a PS3 or an XBox 360.

I adore her. She apparently doesn't like me much, as said purchase will ensure I am not seen for at least the next five months. The question now becomes, which system?

Initially I would have said PS3, for the backwards compatibility, but that's been thrown out the window. As far as I can tell, it's really a matter of, 'What do I want to play besdies Grand Theft Auto 4, since I can do that on either, same with Guitar Hero, Assasin's Creed, Smackdown vs. Raw and most third party titles these days. Of course, I am inviting feedback. I am open to both systems, with a slight Sony loyalty, but nothing that can't be overruled by common sense. Things to consider:

1. I don't give half a damn about Halo. Or first person shooters in general, with the possible exception of Bioshock.

2. I am testy about controllers, and while I am willing to try the 360 controller, anyone who doesn't think the Playstation controller is a beautiful work of art is a fail.

3. With investments of this scope, I tend to lean towards the longer lasting choice. The 360 already has a few years under the belt.

4. I am intrigued by online. Explain to me why I should spend money to play over XBox Live?

5. I will only get one, so don't bother telling me to get both.

The Lady and I thank you both for your input.

And if this post seems lacklustre, it's because the interweb is being a pain in my arse tonight. I suspect connectivity issues. I'll try to get y'all some linkage later tonight.


Blogger Scott Hallett said...

Weighing in:

- The life of the 360 won't matter. It's only a year ahead (the first year of any console is a wash anyhow, no good games), and the system still has legs.
- You can get backwards compatibility if you buy the 80gb (or keep your PS2).
- Xbox Live is only really worth it for games you will play online
consistently (i.e. Halo, or FPS). I can't speak to the PS3 equivalent, but I've only ever read that it's "not Xbox Live"
- The 360 controller is fine. The trigger buttons on the PS3 are actually kind of odd.
- Halo may not, but games like BioShock, Gears of War and Rainbow Six Vegas will change your mind about FPS. They did for me.

I have adopted a be happy with 360, maybe get a PS3 when FFXIII comes out (and the PS3 is cheaper).

My 2 cents.

9:41 AM


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