Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Turd Looks Up at The Big Dog

Still so behind, but we're off tomorrow, so the work will be put in.

If I may, I'd like to take a moment to talk about Gord. You know who I mean, Windsor, the man who's had page 3 of the Star in a chokehold since before you knew how to read. I remember when he he took aim at Councilor Ken Lewenza's City Times newspaper endeavour a few years back [a paper I worked on] because it was staffed by St. Clair journalism students and other kids who worked for free. Right, because opportunities to gain clippings are so plentiful in this town. I must have been on assignment when Gord called to offer me a job. Damn you, Lewenza!

I admit, I've never been much of a reader of Gord's, since I prefer to dish out my own frothy hyperbole than read that of others, but I got to thinking...

The Torontoist blog does an irregular feature on Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno, examining how her over-the-top, pulpy writing punishes readers on a 1 to 6 Rosie scale. Now Gord is no Rosie; he deals mostly in municipal affairs, though his middle finger to cop killer Nikkolas Brennan over the weekend seemed pulled from a DiManno cribsheet. Not saying it wasn't deserved, Windsor, just saying it seemed like a pretty obvious move reserved for the biggest circulation day of the week.

But anyway, today Gord's got issues with your administration Windsor, specifically with its refusal to just do the right thing and build the engineering building downtown. To wit:
Meanwhile, the downtown limps from crisis to crisis while our university, historically disconnected from a host community it needs to embrace, continues to huddle in perfect isolation in its below-the-bridge academic ghetto.
The university is disconnected from its host community? Allow me to sip from Uncle Ross's Koolaid for a moment.

This school continues its support for programs it has no business continuing, as well as implementing new ones, so that students in this area who might never have a chance to go away for school can still get the education they want. They bring speakers and scholars to this community who would never set foot in it otherwise. And even though I was having a great deal of fun a few years back over the stagnant funding of the stadium, the Pan-Am Juniors were a marquee event for the city, brought by the university. So forgive me if I think you may have missed the mark a wee bit, Mr. Henderson.

Never mind that outgoing Board of Governor's Chair Marty Komsa is quoted as saying one of the main reasons is because students in their first three years would still need to have access to the main campus 2.1 kilometres away! Those pesky electives are a bitch, children.

But the biggest flaw in the logic is that Henderson's argument does nothing to address the problems I mentioned last night on this very topic. A Riverwalk looks pretty, yes, but will that really 'revitalize downtown'? When I was in Kingston, I spent every spare moment I had downtown, because the downtown core had lots to see and do, and shops to browse. Months after I lived there, I still discovered new places to poke about. Where is that in Windsor, you tell me. Cause I see bars, Quickie Marts, Dr. Disc and Rogues Gallery. So while any aesthetic improvements to downtown may make for a pleasant stroll, why would I ever make it down there in the first place?

If Gord actually cared about what navel gazing bloggers like me thought, he might offer an answer. But he doesn't, so today's bout of fingerpointing and shortsightedness earns three Gord heads...

...out of five.

[with apologies to Torontoist and X-Play's Adam Sessler for the blatant pilfering.]


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