Thursday, November 08, 2007

Scenes from the Smoke

1. I work with a girl who is without question the sweetest, purest hearted young lady I have ever met. She sings the chicken dance song at work, calls everyone her 'darlings', never hesitates to share whatever she has with everyone around her and is one of the few people who seems to genuinely care when she asks you how you're doing.

The other day we were both in the lunch room and she was on the phone with a friend, telling them that her father wants to send her back to Iran, essentially to have her married off. She played it off on the phone, but there was legitimate fear in her voice that everything she's ever known and values could be taken away from her without her consent. I find it very odd to live in a city large enough where this sort of thing can happen, for reals. Call me Country Mouse, I don't know.

2. On the subway ride home tonight, a trio of boys in Catholic school uniforms, two with that awesome Gr. 10 facial hair, turned 'Crank That' on one of their cell phones and, while seated, practiced the Soulja Boy dance.

3. Went to the Toronto Reference Library after work today, which is the largest piece of awesome I've seen since I arrived here. I was hanging around for a writing session for the Toronto Nanowrimo group, but didn't want to stay until 8.30 at night, going on only four hours of sleep or so from the night before. So I spent the time from 4.00 - 5.30 scribbling away on the third floor until I was literally nodding off as I wrote. But I still wanted to see my comrades in arms, so I ran down the street for a latte to jerk my brain awake [so cosmopolitan, I know], and found a new table on the first floor near where I thought they'd show up. After about 20 more minutes, they walked in en masse and sat a table across the aisle from me.. Now, I'm not going to sit here and deride anybody's appearance, so if you're looking for that, sorry. I will say this, though: too much yapping, not enough writing. I mean, I thought of going over and introducing myself, hanging for an hour, maybe, but then an impromptu support session broke out and I thought, 'Dude, you can get more work done right here,' because I like to refer to myself in the second person as 'Dude.'

All told, I'll easily crack 10,000 words tonight, with a smidgen of plot left in the bank before I'm really effed. Wheee!


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