Monday, November 05, 2007

Ohh Baby, Baby, It's the State of the World

Cuurent word count: 5,183. I'm behind schedule, Windsor, and am hitting the point where I'll have to create new scenes, not just use ideas I had last July. Ouch.

In an aesthetic note, I think I'm going to stick with the bullet points for the news. It strikes me as cleaner. If anyone is terribly offended by this and would like the old headers back, holla.
  • I first got the word on this awhile ago [Daddy still has the hookup, Windsor, never forget] and I guess it's cool to now mention, but after a few years in self imposed exile, the masterful Richie Hawtin [aka Plastikman] is coming home. And you can see him cheap as free. Hawtin will be in town this Friday for a show at the Boom Boom Room which will be recorded for broadcast Espace Musique, a show on Radio Canada [the French CBC].

    Don't sleep on this one, people. Get there early.

  • Staying local for a moment, I also see a story about the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association continuing to convince everyone [including UWindsor admin] how awesome it would be if the new engineering building was built in the downtown core, and they're bringing the director of Waterloo's school of architecture, which established its own downtown campus in 2004, to do it.

    Now, I don't deny it would be cool if the university made and investment in the downtown core. But to view it as some sort of economic panacea is a little short sighted, is it not? Yeah, the students will come downtown to go to class, but really, what's there to make them stay there afterwards? Aside from a shawarma and a lapdance, what does the downtown have to offer them them? And I'm not saying this to rain on anyone's parade, I honestly don't understand the thinking behind this idea that a commitment from the university will fix all the problems. As always, the Talented Mr. Schnurr wrote on this very issue weeks before I go around to it. He's good like that.

  • The rumbling approach to the holiday shopping season continues with the Canadian Toy Testing Council unveiling its top picks for 2008. They're mostly educational type toys, like your aunt you didn't like used to get you. I miss toys that don't even try to teach me anything. Yeah, He-Man always talked to us about compassion or standing up for ourselves at the end of the show, but we were there to watch Skeletor get kicked in the grill, come one now. And slime, do kids still have slime? They should.

  • Briefly!: Halo 3 makes terrorist tactics like suicide bombing sensible; Spidergirl born with a couple extra pairs of appendages. Eww; directionless teenagers face finds overseas, and Happy Guy Fawkes Day.


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