Tuesday, November 27, 2007

GordWatch: Take the Boy Out the Ghetto, But...

Gord! You missed your calling, my friend. If anyone ever figures out you're essentially a grumpy old fart ranting on the street corner between pages 1 and 3, you'll have a bright future in marketing and branding. 'The Ivy Ghetto.' It's got a nice ring to it, Windsor.

Anyhoo, Gord's watching the clock countdown on this mythical pipedream of an engineering school-cum-urban utopia for the downtown core, as the Board of Governors meets this afternoon to put a bullet behind this debate once and for all. Maybe. They may just defer a decision until after the holidays, you know how fickle they are over there.

Obviously, Gord is not happy, and he's going after the university in all the usual ways, and thumbing his nose at the, "whiny objections from some students about the discomfort of a five-minute shuttle and the horrors of being located near bars and strip clubs and away from gym facilities and other student services."

Gord thinks a refusal of the university to get on board and take the city's pleading offerings of land and money to bail them out will cost the school further credibility in the community, and "the ivory tower will have turned its back on an opportunity to lead a Windsor renaissance, leaving a vastly more agile St. Clair College administration to step into the breach."

A Windsor renaissance? Are you frigging high, Gord? If I may, at the risk of going all Atlas Shrugged on everybody [Wiki it], why is it the university's responsibility? I'm not saying it wouldn't be nice, I'll even drink the Kool-Aid that the engineering building could draw an influx of rainbows and pixies to Riverside and Ouellette, but why is the university responsible for digging the city out of its hole? Will an engineering building take the boards out of the windows downtown?

And newsflash, I know people, too. And Gord, they tell me the students at the Cleary Campus are loitering and bolting the first chance they get. I'll even quote for you: "having the campus downtown hasn't changed anything at all for the area. The only thing it has done is put more people in the downtown area, so the city can look full to incoming tourists/parents."

Forgive me if I think the city should court, I don't know, actual businesses and industries to downtown, instead of begging the university for an 11-acre space filler that looks great during classes and empties out after 7.00 p.m.

Third time's a charm, Gord. Your continued whining on this issue scores you a perfect five Gord heads out of five.

PS: Whither the UWSA on this issue? I perused recent meeting minutes ,if you consider October 'recent', and while I didn't read every line [there's only so much of the Ken and Andy show I can stomach], I found no mention or official position on this. What the deal, council?


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