Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gord Watch: Daddy's Disappointed in You

A semiregular feature in which the author examines the latest offerings from 'provocative' Windsor Star columnist Gord Henderson.

Did I not tell you, Windsor? Not like one needs a crystal ball to predict Gord's behaviour when he's got a fly in his ointment, but I did say he wouldn't let that story on the engineering students' lack of support for a downtown engineering school stand without bitching.

Gord's not chafing because you disapprove of the idea, Windsor, he's salty because he doesn't think your reasons are good enough. Let's just call and response this one Trail Classic style, shall we?

For most, sadly, the objections were pedestrian in nature. They wouldn't be able to get to the St. Denis Centre for a workout between classes. They would lose student services like the library and the CAW student centre. They wouldn't be able to keep in touch with peers in other programs. Where would they eat and who would accept their meal plan? Where would they park downtown?

You selfish bastards. How dare you be more concerned with the ease with which you can pursue your studies than polishing up the downtown? Damn you to hell.

Gord doesn't understand why you bright, intelligent university students couldn't come up with solutions for all your inter-campus transport issues. The Trail doesn't understand why you should have to, it ain't your problem. Oh, and about that commute:

I timed it the other morning. From the middle of Sunset Avenue, east along University Avenue to the Art Gallery of Windsor parking lot, driving at the speed limit and hitting every red light along the way, it took me all of four minutes. Four freakin' minutes. And I could have done it in less time using Riverside Drive.

There are few things I enjoy more than the arrogance of carowners. Four minutes, you don't say? Shorter on Riverside Drive? I don't doubt it. Gord clearly doesn't ride Transit Windsor, or he would (1) see the number of students who have to wait typically ten minutes for the #2 or #1c, and (2) know that buses don't run down Riverside. But again, four minutes or forty-five freakin' minutes, why should students have endure either?

The answer is: they shouldn't. Unkie Gord mentioned that presentation last week by Waterloo's school of architecture director, who sung a lovely song about the bluebirds and plentiful dewberries that line the streets of Cambridge since the school was moved down there. Key point of information: Waterloo wanted to move their school there, they weren't peer pressured by a whiny mayor and whinier local media.

The city wants the engineering building downtown. The university does not. The students are babies and the mayor's demanding. Who's right? Who can say? I can honestly see both sides to a certain extent. But facts is facts, and no amount of wasted space pouting down the margin of page 3 is going to change it.

Oh, and as for that paragraph trying to, I don't know, guilt somebody into fearing for their future enough to start a campus movement for the downtown location, talking about the open minded Cambridge students who get to choose where they work after graduating and have employers vie for their services? You know who else gets to do that? Ah, pretty much every engineering graduate everywhere. But thanks.

Henderson's hissy fit and general grumpy old man-ness scores a near perfect four Gord heads out of five.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the city of Windsor decides to pony up for all of my tution they can build their buildings anywhere they please.
Gord is obviously a classy guy. We students are dull and lack any type of adult thought. Shame to us Univeristy of Windsor. How dare students want to be near their peers, Univeristy library and gym. It's not like we pay for those things.
Oh and I can't forget how I was always driven to school, Gord must know all. Actually Gordon, I took the bus, then at college, the city bus (and in London at Fanshawe that's a feat). But yes the four minute downtown drive would obviously be too much of a 'insurmountable barrier' for me to deal with. My pretty little head won't be able to figure out when I'll have to leave for class.
Too bad we aren't Cambridge. Life for you would be so much simplier. Good even.

Also kudos for your misspelling, aces again Windsor Star.

2:57 PM


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