Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Updates from various arenas

Working in the literature retail industry, I find it amusing that I can now get a sense for somebody solely on what books they're looking for. When you come in looking a little blue with a list asking for 'Mind Over Mood' and 'Women Who Think Too Much,' your life story is pretty much on display.

Prep work for Nanowrimo continues apace. Took some unexpected money and grabbed some Moleskine notebooks [the Cadillac of stationary! Hemingway used one!] so I can scribble my little thoughts away. Plus I sucked it up and paid the license fee on Scrivener, so I've been amassing notes on the various topics I'll need at hand. Seriously, yo. The program kicks ass. I know I go on and on about the damn thing, and I promise this is the last time, but if you use a Mac and need to organize a lot of documents, it's a godsend.

Oh the pretension, Windsor! You know you love it.

In wrestling last night, there were really only two things worth mentioning, maybe three: 1. The suggestion that SAVE_US will be explained next week. 2. Candice Michelle's sick bump. 2(a) Jeff Hardy's continued rise.

1. Despite my initial hope for the program, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that WWE creative has botched the 'viral video' idea. A video of the same thing with one new snippet of info every week for like, a month? It could have gone in so many directions, you could have made t-shirts, 'hacked' the company website for an hour on a slow news day, anything. Instead, a 20 second clip every week. Blah. I'm thinking X29 in the latest vid equals 10.29, which happens to be next Monday's date and is the first RAW after CyberSunday. Here's hoping x29 gives me some Y2J.

2. Candice Michelle should thank God she got off so easy. A broken clavicle sucks, but that bump she took last night off the turnbuckle was the sickest botched spot I've seen since Joey Mercury got his face busted open in that ladder match a couple years ago. You gotta remember, this is a woman who didn't have to get so involved in the business. She was essentially a model who did a few matches now and then. I don't think it was her dream to be a wrestler, but she wanted to do better work, and started training harder to put on better matches. Her injury is an unfortunate reminder that for all the 'fakeness' of wrestling, if you land face first on the mat, you can get effed up. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

And someone tell Beth Phoenix you don't move somebody with a potential head injury. Yeah, they needed to finish the match, protect the business, etc., but she could have gone for the cover in the corner, without dragging Candice to the middle of the ring.

2.(a) Jeff Hardy can actually talk on the stick a little bit! Who'da thunk? For some reason I really like the idea of him and Kennedy working a program. Not as much as I like Jeff and Shelton Benjamin, but Shelton's been forsaken by creative lately. With Jeff/Kennedy, HBK/Orton and HHH/Umaga, you've got three interesting feuds at the top of the card. More good feuds = better show = happy Trail. And happy Trail is the most important component of that equation.

In conclusion, kitten VS. toilet paper.

Cats and the internet. The best thing since peanut butter met chocolate.


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