Thursday, October 25, 2007

The State of the World

UWindsor's loss is St. Clair's gain
Frustrated by the smoke-and-mirrors, carnival barker style of UWindsor admin [Just wait and see! We've got surpsises in store!] regarding the location of the new engineering building, Mayor Eddie's gone running back to the arms of St. Clair College President John Strosser, to look at expanding on their previous success at the former Cleary Centre.

Said Eddie, "My sense is that the engineering campus is not going downtown. I don't expect it, based on the conversations I've had," which sucks for him, since he played a role in getting the university to pursue such an ambitious project in the first place, and was part of the team that pitched the project to the province.

Admin vaguely mentioning other projects for downtown like a law or social work school, only to take them off the table, isn't helping Eddie's mood.

"We were given false hope that this was do-able, and then, after checking the numbers, we were told it was not do-able because their financial numbers didn't add up," he said.

Wasn't working in tandem with the city to improve each other's image a key point of Uncle Ross' State of the University a few years back? Whatever happened there?

In Politics
Stephane Dion smart enough to know that sending Canadians to the polls again over a tax cut wouldn't be the best move. Good for him.

Provinvially, John Tory corrects the mistake he should never have made in the first place and drops the faith-based school funding policy, with strong support to stay on as leader. Not bad for a guy who didn't get elected.

The party's over
Despite the unfortunate detail that everything you post there, including your photos, becomes their property, Facebook was an enjoyable little exercise in vanity, partly because of the ad-free nature.

You may have noticed sometime after the doors blew open to non-students that the Effbook started running some tastefully placed ads down the left margin. Then came word the site was going to offer advertisers a way to target users based on whatever they put as their interests. Now, the stake through the heart of Facebook 1.0: Microsoft wants a cut, and gets one for a cool $240 million.

Clearly, when things get too corporate, the masses flee [read: MySpace]. So where we headed to next?

You may have heard recently that Dumbledore got outed by created JK Rowling. Bill O'Reilly is obviously not pleased.

The Dumbledore outing has also made life hell for this dude. Honestly, the mind boggles.

Watch them spiderweb Halloween decorations. They catch more than bugs.

Republican presidential hopeful says financial aid for students should be linked to a degree's 'worth'. Suck on that, philosophy majors.


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