Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The State of the World

Welcome back.

UWindsor reminds country of its existence
That divisive ad campaign undertaken by UWindsor is moving to a grander stage, with prominent ads in major Canadian newspapers, as well as banner ads on sites like MySpace, and

"The ads are targeted not only at a general audience to raise the university's profile and enhance its image among opinion leaders," says Jennifer Barone of the Public Affairs and Communications Office.

I can only assume 'opinion leaders' = people who fill out the reputation survey for the Maclean's rankings. Anyway, not people all over the country can say 'When did they switch the colours to blue and green?'

Check out some of the ads here.

In case you forgot
There's an election tomorrow. If you still need informing, you can get caught up on the referendum here. If you need things like polling stations and candidate names, Elections Ontario will cover that.

Don't worry, I'll remind you again on Wednesday.

And in case you were wondering, numbers currently predict a second Liberal majority. Oh, and Tory knew the faith based school funding thing was a powderkeg of bad will three years ago, but felt the need to try anyway. Attaboy.

The Tuesday Wrasslin Report
Last night's show centered around two things: did Chris Jericho return, and will they be able to keep what little momentum they have now that Cena's out for six months?

The answers are: no, and I think so, thanks to three letters.

As much as I'm dying to see Jericho come back, I'm glad he didn't do it an No Mercy. When done right, these viral type programs can really generate a sustained interest, and two weeks is too short a time. That said, I think they need to vary it up next week, incorporate other media. Have William Regal talk to some stagehand in the back wearing a SAVE_US shirt or something. I speculate they use Jericho as an option in the Cyber Sunday main event, along with HHH and that other guy who returned last night.

If there was a more desperate time for Shawn Michaels to return, I don't know what it would have been. But the look on Lady Trail's face when his music hit was priceless, as was the 'Oh sh*t' expression on Randy Orton's. Smart move to have him come out in his Texas gear with beard, instead of his usual suit or jeans and t-shirt. Sent the message he was mad. For the first time in months, they have me excited to see next week's show.

Matchwise, I'm happy Umaga got to save some of his character by demolishing HHH, and Kennedy/Jeff Hardy was probably the highlight of the night, but still not enough to eclipse the returning HBK.

Florida town infested with giant lizards [why does the URL contain an old Taco Bell ad slogan?].

Learn about Finland. No real reason, I just think Finland gets overlooked as a nation.

Getting yelled at by teachers can lead to early sexual activity in girls. Wait, what??

The dumbass o'the day for October 9: This guy!


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