Thursday, October 04, 2007

The State of the World

The beautiful thing about the technological age we live in is that now your mother can harp on you via instant messenger. Hail, future!

You people are out of control!
So says today's edition of the Star. Residents on Askin, Randolph and Rankin [many current or former UWindsor faculty] say they've never seen such rowdiness in 45 years, and are baffled as to what's causing it, though some are speculating the elimination of OAC means you buggers are getting to campus at a younger age and need to drink at house parties instead of bars.

Clearly, no one is going to stand for this, though no one knows what to do, aside from sending the cops down, which is probably all you can do.

For his part, UWSA Prez William Ma says he wants to work with residents, maybe establish a 'town and gown' committee similar to other university towns.

"I would feel frustrated if I had commotion going on next to me," he said. Commotion! Isn't he adorable? What next, ruckus? Hoopla? Brouhaha?

For their part, in Kingston, the student ghetto was called the student ghetto for a reason, because only students lived there, with the exception of one house. And aside from that one street party in 2005 where a couple cars got flipped and set on fire, it's worked out fine!

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that transparency in government is a good thing.

Harper dares opposition to take a swing at him
So when Stephen Harper begrudgingly held a press conference yesterday, and mentioned that if his Throne Speech gets passed in two weeks, he'll consider any further votes on his agenda confidence votes [which would dissolve parliament if defeated], it was clear as crystal that despite all his claims to the contrary, the man feels he can get at least another minority, so he's baiting the opposition to send Canadians to the polls.

“Obviously, if we don't get approval, the opposition will force an election. That's not my preferred course of action, but if they force that, we'll be ready for it." Yep, bullying tactics like that are about as transparent as you can get.

In the only business I care about
You may have noticed earlier this week when music blogs all over the wired collectively poo'd themselves at the news that not only was Radiohead nonchalantly releasing a new album for digital download on their website next week, they were leaving it up to the fans to pay what they wanted.

To clarify: you could go to Radiohead's website, download the album legally, and not give them a dime. Or give them whatever you think the album's worth. The UK band joins Prince and Nine Inch Nails in actively encouraging fans to acquire their music for free.

Which has some pundits declaring the album dead. For reals, this time. While it's true, album sales are hardly cash cows for most bands [touring is where the real money's at] Kanye's recent sales are proof it's still early to ring the death knell on traditional album sales. For large portions of people, digital distribution is too much of a headache, and there are many people who will never know that Radiohead album ever existed. But at the same time, there's a reason Musicworld and HMV started carrying video games, dig?


Fertile strippers make more cash.

Run for your lives, men: girlfriend kills partner over porn stash.

The London tube wins best public transit of the year. Again. The Trail is confident if Windsor Transit can get the 1A to take you from downtown to Devonshire in under 90 minutes, they'll be a serious contender next year.

Pope Benedict's official autobiography authored by cat.


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