Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The State of the World: Was I Not Just Here?

For future reference, remind me that when blogging is literally the last thing I do before bed, it makes me extremely lazy the next day. Especially when the cat is bawling because he needs that metric tonne of waste removed from his litter box.

City gets a WIFF of karma

The Windsor International Film Festival is coming up fast [you remember it from last year, when all your friends convinced you Shortbus was groundbreaking] and the City is tossing organizers a little assistance by donating the Windsor Armouries rent free. Which is nice of them, considering the festival's previous primary venue was the Capitol Theatre, which the city currently has mired in bankruptcy hearings and legal quagmires. It's all about balance, people.

A new day for the National Post
You may have noticed that the free copy of the National Post you grab on your way into the student centre got a facelift recently, but the changes are not limited to the offline world, no sir. The Post's online presence has become much beefier recently, almost enough to separate it from the local clones on its own network [of which the Windsor Star is one].

A cursory surf of the paper's new 'Full Comment' section gives essentially the Canadian version of the Huffington Post, something sorely needed on the Canadian cyberscape. I've already read postmortems on John Tory's dreams of premiership, an examination of the Canada/US Free Trade Agreement 20 years after the fact, and the continued scrappiness of the Sun newspaper chain, and a dedicated link farm that puts me to shame. Which makes sense, since I'm a chubby dude on an iMac, and they're the National Post. But I come close, dammit!

In fact, something I read on there got me so angry it took care of the evening edition. See you then.

The Tuesday Sports Report, or rambings about wrasslin
While we didn't get back from the Coupland reading until 10ish, I did manage to see a large chunk of RAW, or rather, I saw the only thing anyone cares about lately, the latest 'viral video' [though it's not exactly viral when it airs during the flagship program].

While last week's SAVE_US.222 clip had many predicting the return of Chris Jericho [which seems likely after a deal with TNA couldn't be reached], this week's SAVIOR_SELF has some guessing it could herald a return of Shawn Michaels [a series of numbers flashed apparently corresponds to the letters H, B and K]. You have to wonder what creative is making of all the speculation, and what's going through their heads if the theories that fans are excited about are actually way off the mark.

This week also marked the returns of most of the suspended wrestlers written out last month, including Umaga, Mr. Kennedy and William Regal, as well as a scary moment for the company as John Cena appears to have injured his pectoral during his match with Kennedy. He was clearly favouring it last night, but I didn't know if he was selling or not. If Cena's out for any length of time, it's a hell of a blow to the company. I imagine they'll just get the belt on Triple H ASAP and hope for the best.

Woman so incensed by iPhone price drop, she's taking Apple to court.

Save your money: blocks more effective at kickstarting children's intelligence than any Baby Einstein DVD boxset.

Remember when the Israelis bombed Syria? It's been officially confirmed.

This one's for my man Dewey: hug your janitor.

The Hartford Courant learns the shocking learns the horrifying truth of the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.


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