Friday, October 12, 2007

Put on Your Polos, It's Caj Fri State of the World

--First things first. As I'm sure you've gathered, The Trail is a bit of a wrasslin fan. And while I normally stick to the WWE, I'll watch whatever I can find. I watched Ring of Honour's last PPV at my parents' house over Thanksgiving [finally caught some work by Bryan Danielson. Verdict: Good, but I don't get the hype] and with TNA finally getting two hours on Spike, I'm more inclined to catch at least some [as long as the Lady can catch Grey's at 9.00].

Now I used to catch TNA back home when they were running weekly $10 PPVs. I remember enjoying it because it gave exposure to a lot of these younger hungry guys who I'd never see in the WWE. Guys like Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, my beloved Samoa Joe actually putting on wrestling matches longer than four minutes. As TNA has become a viable alternative for dissatisfied workers from the WWE, TV time becomes more valuable, and what used to go to Jay Lethal and Chris Sabin now goes to Christian, Rikishi, Sting and Kurt Angle.

The point is, I'm disappointed that some of the younger guys seem to be getting pushed down the card again, when the cool thing about TNA for me was that there were no class divisions. Maybe it was my own unfamiliarity, but it never seemed like there were jobbers to me, I honestly never knew who was going to win each match beforehand. Everyone was a contender. With the influx of 'marquee stars', it becomes more obvious who's going to be looking at the lights.

Maybe I just don't get why Windsor's own Petey Williams is jobbing out every time I see him. Why is a guy who can do this...

...lying on his back every week? Meh. Anyway, if you prefer actual wrestling to 25 minutes of Vince jibber jabbing every week, check it out Thursdays @ 9.00. Moving on.

--It may have been a couple years later than some would have hoped, but Al Gore has staked a place in history as the recipient of the Nobel peace prize. Technically, he shares the prize with the UN Panel on Climate Change, but for most in the West, this is all about Al.

So he [depending on who you ask] lost the election, wins the Nobel Peace Prize and has become one of the more beloved public figures in North America. While the guy who beat him for the presidency has America mired in a neverending conflict in the Middle East and nurses some of the lowest approval ratings of any sitting president. Fair trade, I guess.

--Honestly, it may be one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the internets, but there is no way I can ever embed it on this blog. But I will link to it with the following caveat: Contains nudity, coarse language, mature situations and is most definitely NSFW. If none of those things particularly bother you, enjoy. If those things do bother you and you watch it anyway, you forfeit your right to complain.

--Brave new world: How to properly cite weblogs in academic papers.

--The acceptable way for you to discipline your toddler is to deny him privileges. Not dangle him out of the window of your SUV. Mom looks pretty happy about it, though.


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