Wednesday, September 19, 2007

These Are the Days of Your Lives

Short and sweet tonight, your man has to be up early to make sure he's at the Magic Pony in time to grab the Lady a Pirate Teeter by Joe Ledbetter [pictured above].

The previous, superhero themed edition, is the item currently en route to my old apartment in Kingston, as I mentioned the other day. Thank you, eBay.

A brief note to clarify some issues discussed in the opinion pages of The Lance this week. The complainant [he who shall not be named] takes issue with News Editor Natasha Marar's "cherry picking," of quotes from a written statement submitted by the complainant and two other members of UWSA council, which they "allowed" her to do, but not apparently to the extent that she did.

This attitude is flawed, because it assumes that Ms. Marar needed the complainant's permission to reproduce the quotes. She did not. Ms. Marar could have run a sidebar with the entirety of the statement in big block letters if she had wanted to. A written statement was submitted to a member of the press. How it is then used is at the discretion of the journalist.

As for the complainant's call for analysis and research to supplement the information, I agree it's a lovely idea, and one that would perform beautifully free of the constraints of a weekly deadline. No doubt Ms. Marar could have performed such an undertaking, but by my count she wrote four stories that week. Having done her job, I'd say she looked at the story in question and saw it as such: Dude says UWSA is in conflict of interest, UWSA says it isn't, the end. I don't know that it's the NE's job to provide analysis as much as to prevent the facts [disputed though they might be] from both sides of the argument, and let the reader decide for themselves. I read the article and was honestly more concerned with the alleged conflict of interest [which I think might very well exist] than with anybody complaining about it, as my original post last week will attest. I'm sure other students read the article and thought the allegations were the ranting of a madman with too much time on their hands. Such is their prerogative.

If there's one thing that's learned quickly from the News Editor chair, it's that the UWSA is a like a daytime soap, long running and mired in continuity, and the issues raised in the past two issues of the Lance will surely reemerge at a future council meeting. So don't get disappointed, Windsor, the entertainment won't be stopping anytime soon.

I stumbled upon this quote a couple years ago, writing my send off to the UWSA council of that time [ahhh, LaPorte and his angels], and its truth only grows with every passing year:

"University politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small."
--Henry Kissinger


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