Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Origins: A Brief Reintroduction

Ain't it grand, Windsor? Another year filled with hope and optimism and the honestly held belief that this year, dammit, will be the one where you grow up, drink less and devote the energies necessary to live up to your potential.

And friends, I'll be here to celebrate your triumphs and mock your failures. But some of you coming to campus might not know the first thing about me. Just who the hell do I think I am?

Well, if you're too lazy to read the article on this little project that ran on the mothership, or to read my profile by clicking to the right, I'll explain it for you briefly.

My name is Jordan Ferguson, I am an alumnus of both the University of Windsor [English] and St. Clair College [Journalism and New Media]. In 2004 I was hired by The Lance to take over as News Editor. During my tenure in that job we began flirting with a number of new media projects like podcasts and blogs, all of which I played a feature role in, to some degree or another. The powers that be liked the idea of having a blog that ran all the time, so I got shuffled to the "Online Editor" position, which basically means I hunt out and create content, that you, the UWindsor student, might find interesting.

Sometimes that's commentary on school policies or local politics, sometimes that's linkfarming some fun stories of the day, sometimes that's original videos we at The Lance have produced. You'll never know what you'll find in this space, because I don't know what I'll put in this space until I sit down to do it.

You get updates twice a day, maybe more if I'm super productive. The morning is typically newsy, with the evening edition more lighter or nerdier fare. As for the title, it refers to a column I wrote in the paper under the pseudonym "The Paper Trail", because really, everyone wants to channel their inner Hunter Thompson as much as possible. If you're ever bored, go down to the office and read some of the old pieces. Or just read my successor, The Paper Cut, every week. She's easily raised the [admittedly low] bar I set.

I have a habit of arrogance and inconsideration. I am exceedingly hard on student government and have little faith in their ability to exact real change, but I love to watch them try. I hope to keep optimistic about my home city, but now that I've been gone [after a year in Kingston and now settled in Toronto] I find my resolve weakening with every visit home. This place is ostensibly a one man show, but the mail lines are always open for guest contributions, even though no one ever takes me up on it. Commenting is still open, I'd appreciate you not be a jackhole and sign some sort of name to it.

Anonymous comments are still permitted, but don't expect anyone to play nice with you should you choose that route. I've been doing this in some form or another since '99, trust me, you got nothing new. I know I'm fat, I know I'm bald, I know no one cares about designer toys or Asian movies, I know I spelled that word wrong, I know my logic is flawed. You know I don't care.

And when things get text heavy, the cats come out.

Keep all that in mind, and year two should progress nicely. Learn to love it, learn to live with it.

So nice to meet you and good to see you again, Windsor. I'm The Paper Trail.


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