Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Now the year's begun

Believe me, I had no intention of posting again tonight, but then I noticed the mothership had been updated, and not only had it been updated, but it had the first story on UWSA sniping of the year, and that's just too much for me to pass up. Briefly:
  • Some on council are concerned that student reps aren't getting the necessary training to do their jobs.
  • The firm hired to handle the UWSA rebranding may have scored its $25K payday [even though it has no experience working with student unions] because Godfather Dale Coffin knew the company's Prez back in the day.
  • Ken Birchall is making early moves to be this council's Warrior of Virtue, riding in on his white winged horse and swinging his glowing sword to smite all injustice and incompetence he sees. Read his quotes, Windsor, I swear you can smell the self-righteousness!
    Good to see you again, Ken. I'm still here, by the way. New editor didn't fire me. But hey, who knows. Had there been a new editor, he or she very well may have.
Mind you, conflicts of interest and questionable fiscal expenditures are hardly on the same level of say, accusations of racism, but this crew's off to a good start.

I have hope for these kids, Windsor. Give them time, I don't think they'll disappoint.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excuse me but do I even know you? I'm quite certain I would remember such a unique visage as yours. I mean it is almost pug like in its composition, surely you are pushing the women away with a ten foot pole at all hours of the day.

If you smell anything, it's possibly .cologne? But perhaps more likely it is your breath being wafted back into your nostrils by the gusts of wind coming off your fingertips as you type.

For the record; Gary Kalaci, Avneil Yashpal and I presented a written statement to the Lance at their request which dealt with the facts at hand with regards to a lack of oversight, transparency and good management practices at all levels. These apparently are facts that neither the author of the piece nor you can be bothered to examine in any great detail.

With respect to the "No Dogs" story she didn't go so far as to misrepresent what I said in much the same manner as any of the "quotes.” It is more that she captured the gist of things and put words into quotation marks at times more representative of her awkward grasp on English than what I actually voiced out loud at the time I was in her office.

6:30 PM

Anonymous Lucas said...

Somebody sounds like a little cry baby!!! I got two things out of reading the lance today, 1. the UWSA is not perfect, 2. I can expect to see your name in every fucking article in the Lance that has anything to do with bitching and moaning. Whether it has to do with spending or if they put the wrong colour on a poster.

So how bad did you want the position of Law Rep?? Thought it would look real good on your resume?? Does it make you feel powerful? I'm sure all your are reading from me (if you have the balls to come back to the site) is BLAH BLAH BLAH.

You come here to defend yourself against the comments made by the Trail, yet all I can see is you reaffirming the persona that he has described. Honestly, two paragraphs of personal attack before you even try to defend yourself? Are you really that egotistical? You could have been at least witty and worked your attacks into your defence. But nope, straight to the punchline before even telling the joke. It was a joke right? You were trying to be funny, weren't you?
Oh, but that's right, people who powertrip do whatever they want and don't care what other people think.
My question is how would the law students feel about this. I know that if my rep made a personal attack on a member of the media in the first week of classes, I would seriously be questioning his/her ability to represent me.

And since you don't know the trail, he probably has more friends at Windsor, (past, present, future and employees) than you ever will, especially if you keep going on personal tirades against people you don't even know.

So sit the fuck down, and shut the fuck up, I am already tired of reading your whining.

12:04 AM

Blogger The Trail said...

Goodness but people are salty today.

*Clears throat*

The opinions expressed in the comment threads of 'Paper Trails' are solely those of the authors and should not be considered those of Jordan Ferguson, The Lance Newspaper, its editorial board, or the University of Windsor Student Alliance.

Open forum, but keep it civil, people.

12:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear lucas

fuck you

if you ever want to deal with this I'm in the phone book

11:16 PM


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