Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Letters to the Editor

If there's one thing I deplore Windsor, it's being left waiting. When I took a shot at UWSA Law Rep Mr. Ken Birchall, I knew it was only a matter of time until he swung by to fire off a response. I expected to find it when I woke up this morning, but no, his holiness left me waiting until 6.30 tonight.

I think I'm insulted, Windsor. Certainly by his tardiness more than anything he actually had to say. But I'd hate for him to have gone to all that trouble for nothing, so let's indulge him.

Excuse me but do I even know you? I'm quite certain I would remember such a unique visage as yours. I mean it is almost pug like in its composition, surely you are pushing the women away with a ten foot pole at all hours of the day.

See what he did there, Windsor? He made light of my appearance! And my virility! OMG! How alpha male! I can't wait to see this guy in action once he hits a courtroom. See, when you want to flaunt your intelligence, you use words that no one ever uses in the common tongue. Like 'visage.' How clever!

No, Ken, you don't know me. But I know you. Or rather, I know your type.

And I don't need to push women away, one's all I require. And she happens to find pugs adorable.

If you smell anything, it's possibly .cologne? But perhaps more likely it is your breath being wafted back into your nostrils by the gusts of wind coming off your fingertips as you type.

Scanning for coherence: results inconclusive. Did you have to bend over to reach for that one?

For the record; Gary Kalaci, Avneil Yashpal and I presented a written statement to the Lance at their request which dealt with the facts at hand with regards to a lack of oversight, transparency and good management practices at all levels. These apparently are facts that neither the author of the piece nor you can be bothered to examine in any great detail.

You're absolutely right, I can't be bothered. I just read the stories. You know who else can't be bothered? Everyone else on campus who just reads the stories without doing external research to make sure you were represented properly. I do not doubt for a moment that there is anyone on campus who knows more about transparency than you do.

With respect to the "No Dogs" story she didn't go so far as to misrepresent what I said in much the same manner as any of the "quotes.” It is more that she captured the gist of things and put words into quotation marks at times more representative of her awkward grasp on English than what I actually voiced out loud at the time I was in her office.

And this is where this gets really funny, Windsor. If you read my original post, nowhere did I mention the "No Dogs" story. Because last night, I didn't know it existed. I only discovered it after a colleague informed me that you were the one who complained to have it taken down [after Pub management assured us there were no such complaints, but that's a topic for another time]. But thanks for outing yourself.

So not only did you take up the torch on the issues with the UWSA rebranding, you lead an army of one down to the pub to have a sign removed. Was the sign in bad taste? Well when I think 'dog' I think promiscuous men, so I guess it's all subjective. But pray tell, on who's behalf were you acting on, your constituents' or your own? Clearly, calling you the 'Warrior of Virtue' was completely off the mark. What was I thinking?

While this has been fun, I am confident in my pissing abilities, so I won't be getting into a competitive match here. But I'll make Mr. Birchall a proposition. Should you ever be interviewed by Ms. Marar again, have her use the office MD recorder. That way, should you be dissatisfied with how the subsequent story is written, we can upload the audio here, and people can judge for themselves. Deal?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’d like to apologize for my tardiness, I think I should start with pointing out I found your blog by accident yesterday so while trying to ‘google’ a Lance email address. I would have gotten that email off of the UWSA website but of course the Lance section like most areas of the website is currently inaccessible, but hey what a small blessing because I found your wonderful blog right?

I read your snotty post and I responded at the same time in a similar manner so I’m really sorry if the spacing or grammar was off or that you found my coherence to be substandard. I find your analysis and this resulting discussion really not all that important I wasn’t aware I was going to be graded so I wrote then as now pretty off the cuff.

As far as whose ‘type’ is on display, I thank you for writing that you know my type from Ms. Marar’s poorly written pieces in the Lance and my rude reply to your post. More than anything I could write it puts your type in the spotlight more so than mine and for that I have to thank you.

I’m going to make quick observations and then I’m going to forget about this blog. If you care to pursue the matter further, you can write me at my University of Windsor email available from the UWSA, include your phone number and we can discuss this on the phone at some point.

As far as my choice of words, there are a lot of people that talk like that and to paint that as an attempt to be snobby or fog you with words is just lazy. I was not trying to impress anyone with using a big word, which I don’t consider that to be in any event, maybe if you dropped your preconceptions you’d be better served in this and future interactions with people.

Your post was, as I said snotty and part of it was seemingly personally directed at me, so if you were hurt by my response I apologize. I’m sure many friends and family think you have a unique and interesting face and body. I’m happy you have found someone who appreciates you for you. From my perspective you are a bit too smug and self congratulatory but I guess she is able to overlook that and any other deficiencies in you, I wish you the best.

The quotes you referenced like I thought I made clear yesterday are lifted from a written statement submitted by three of us along with something said while in the office. It’s odd she chose to attribute something said face to face by Gary Kalaci to me instead, and it’s also odd given that Avneil gave her an interview afterwards that almost everything is attributed to me. It’s all really irrelevant to the real issues which we had hoped would be examined when we agreed to speak with them.

With respect to the No Dogs sign story, I didn’t bother following your link I thought your entry was in reference to both stories so I wrote accordingly. As far as constituents and your or my personal reaction to it, yes I did ask people and they had perceived it similarly to me in that it was a less than subtle reference to last year’s dress code. Granted they were a select audience, people who opposed the dress code, but really aren’t those the people I should have approached and asked if they were comfortable with the sign? When she asked us about the sign issue -- Ms. Marar said Jason Codling directly referenced the dress code when the photo was taken so I guess it actually was pretty relevant to bring up with the executive then don’t you think?

There are people that care about how the UWSA spends money, the projects it supports and how it represents student interests. I’m not some PC type looking for injustices real or perceived and you’re free to your opinion just as much as I am. I didn’t lead any figurative army or myself for that matter down to the pub. Gary and I brought it up during a meeting with two of the executive and they decided to act. At this point I think the real issue is the allegation Ms. Marar made concerning what Jason Codling did or did not say in reference to the sign and why she didn’t include it in the article. You can ride your blogging horse and paint this however you like, if you and any students at the University want to be blasé and consider themselves above all of this or any other issue that’s fine, it’s your prerogative and theirs, you’re welcome to it. Good luck with that outlook, I’m sure it will lead you to many fun and interesting adventures in the future.

2:49 PM

Blogger The Trail said...

Typically, one acquires email addresses from the actual newspaper, but hey, call me old fashioned.

Logs show you've already been here about eight times in the last 24 hours. Was that looking for my reply or carefully plotting yours?

At any rate, if unimportant discussions merit 900+ word responses, I'll consider myself lucky you don't deem me worthy of your attention, thank you.

3:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you ever consider I just have the thing sitting open on my desktop? Since I haven't hit refresh I can't explain the 8 times except for the fact that 'oops' I have 6 people living with me along with other people who visit here one of whom just said I should "look at this" as we're all on the same wireless that would mean we have the same IP.

I didn't have the paper with me if you must know why I was googling.

You're just all over with the witty responses aren't you? Willful ignorance isn't considering a good thing you know.

I took the time to reply in full because you took a dump on me for being incoherent but now I guess I'm too verbose, boo hoo there's just no satisfying you, oh well too bad.

I'm considering this done for real now and any future visits from my IP I most assuredly promise you are not.

6:08 PM

Blogger The Trail said...

Dude, are you still on about this? I thought we were done here.

If self righteous is the worst thing anyone ever has to say regarding your tenure on the UWSA, consider yourself fortunate.

You're on council. You're a public figure. You're open to scrutiny. Just like I am. Tuck your wings up, ladybug.

Will his principles win out over his desire to have the last word? Will he continue his attempts to bludgeon me into submission with his loquacity? Only time will tell, Windsor.

11:32 PM


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