Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Heretic Speaks

Hello? Anybody there? Nope, didn't think so. It's a quiet night out there tonight, Windsor, as everyone seems to poised to abandon work, school and family to get their hands on a copy of Halo 3. Everyone except me.

Because I just don't care. Never have. I don't care how well it plays. I don't like the look like of it, and first person shooters bore me to effing tears. Always have. They never feel like playing a game to me, they feel like operating a steadicam. And I came to that opinion after DOOM on the PC, and no footage of any FPS since has done much to change my mind.

I realize this blasphemy puts me on the outs with most anyone who's ever picked up a controller, but given my recent horror at what passes for entertainment on G4, I suspect I'm far out of step with gaming culture as a whole. During their four hour(?!) countdown to midnight tonight, they profiled the youngest professional gamer in the world, the unfortunately tagged Lil Poison. In the piece, the little rascal told viewers he started playing Halo when he was four.

This is not cool, people. It's bad parenting. Kid probably can't ride a bike, but he'll pwn your ass for fun. Strange days, Windsor.

They tell me the story's fantastic too, but I also tend to hate space war stories. Even as a full-on anime fan, I never watched a Gundam in my life [not even Wing, fangirls]. Pitch Black, Starship Troopers, whatever.

Seeing the much cooler reception greeted by the game in Japan only serves as confirmation for my suspicion that my tastes veer a little more AZN. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that's going to get me to go NextGen is GTA4, and even that won't be for awhile. I'm more than happy to play Mega Man emulations on the PS2 until such a time arrives.

What say you, Windsor? Am I off my rocker, or are the Halo diehards just a very vocal [and testicled] minority?

PS: Saw Common at MuchonDemand today. Had to stand outside, didn't get to shake his hand, but it was still all right. Almost spit on Tim Deegan, and stifled the vomit from seeing Leah Miller up close.


Anonymous Lucas said...

is there any irony in the fact that you posted this just as the game went on sale to the masses? or did you do it on purpose?

this is what i was expecting from you anyway going by previous gaming conversations we have had. I myslef have made the jump to the 360, but my friend i was in no rush, i waited til after the price drop and jsut before the game i wanted most came out (read, i bought it on saturday).

there were other factors affecting this decision, one being that my current xbox is one hair away from a meeting wiht a baseball bat and sports games have gotten fricken rediculous on the new systems. I too am also awaiting GTA4 which will put all of the others to shame.

now as for Halo...I was never one of the fanoys who jumped on as soon as the first game came out. hell i dont even own the first game. I became so accustomed to Halo 2 that i couldn't stand the original. The thing that makes the series so fun for me is the replayability of the game. Mainly multiplayer on Xbox-live. How many other games can you play with 2-15 friends and jsut smack talk the shit out of them?? I have been playing Halo 2 for 3 years on and off on Live and that is the main reason for getting Halo 3. PLus you know me and how i like to spend money on new things!!

I was not one of those people who were waiting at 12:01 to get this morning because (this may surprise you) I had class this morning and would not have had a chance to play it til tonight. Ya thats right, the guy who would look for any little excuse not to go to class actually put school before probably the biggest excuse available. go figure eh?

11:01 AM


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