Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The State of the World

What's an extra $20 million for the greater good?
You may recall your administration unveiling plans last year for a shiny new engineering and research building when it scored a $50 million bond for "capital expansion" or some other damn thing.

Last week the province handed out another $40 million. Which is awesome, right? Well it would be, if they didn't need $110 million for the project.

$50 million + $40 million = $90 million
$90 million - $110 million = -$20 million.

Oops. So they've got their hands out again, looking to corporate and private donations to make up the shortfall. Uncle Ross is confident they'll get it. Never let it be said the man's slacking during his last year in office.

I'm a little concerned by the fact that the article (a) mentions a closed-door meeting of the BoG that unanimously approved the move and (b) how the hell we ended up in this position again. Why does it seem like this school is always putting the cart before the horse when it comes to development.

You all better pray to your God of choice that they get that money, because I'll give you one guess where they'll be headed next if they don't.

Elbows up, head down
Since it's no secret I don't drive, two feet and the TTC will be my primary mode of transport throughout this cursed megalopolis I now live in. But even being away from the QEW or the Gardiner can't save you from traffic rage, as a new brand begins emerging in urban city centers: sidewalk rage.

As the condo industry increasingly looks to downtown cores as prime locations, the amount of people using the sidewalks continues to increase as well, more than they were ever intended, which leads to conflicts and dust-ups between pedestrians.

And as with any rage, a new set of etiquette rules has emerged to counter it, with common sense rules like minimizing your personal baggage to reduce your personal perimeter, and not stopping suddenly.

Locker key that sank the Titanic up for auction.

Pranksters give Bush's Brain the old "cling wrapped car."

Croatian man found dead in his apartment eight years after police failed to notice him there in 1999.

Researchers announce the world "dodged a bullet" regarding bird flu.

Mayoral candidate suggests dressing city workers and homeless as pirates. Where else? Oh, Florida.


Anonymous Rogers said...

I was just thinking about the University capital expansion projects with Marty Lowman the other day, and it came to me:

IF I WERE building a capital asset to improve the facilities of whatever the hell it is I do, why would I expect everybody but me to pay for it?

Wouldn't it seem entirely REASONABLE and completely LOGICAL if I'm building it, I'm buying it? The University should be gleeful that they've managed to finance over 80 per cent of the project before they've even decided where to put the damned thing.

Seriously, am I WAY OFF THE MARK? Or should a new captial project that's being built by the University for university students and their own image not be funded, at least in some part, by the university? I understand the impact this facility will have will be felt provincially and municipally (and perhaps even nationally) but it will still belong to the University of Windsor.

And following along that vein, should we in the media really be pissing all over the university for not fundraising the entirety of this project - yet?

12:58 PM


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