Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Radio Silence Engaging

Five things I didn't do in Kingston:

1. Go to Fort Henry. The old military is apparently the best spot to watch the sunset in town, and gives a view of the Kingston waterfront from the the other side of the river. But I'll never know.

2. The prison museum. The one time I tried to go, it was during the off-season and tours were by appointment only, and only then for groups. By the time the summer hit, I was working more and life demanded more. I forgot all about it. But if there's anything I would come back for, it would be to get a look at the old women's clink.

3. See Ghetto Xpress at the Toucan. Every Monday at 10.00 p.m. a funk and soul band plays in Kingston's finest pub: The Toucan off of Rocheleau Court. Since they only played on Mondays, it was nigh impossible to find some people to go out who didn't have to work the next day. So, no funk for me.

4. Tour City Hall. It's like the Dillon Hall of Kingston, the nicest building that they put on all the tourism brochures, and I've never set foot in it. Laziness robs me of culture again.

5. Take the Haunted Walk of Kingston. There's only like, seven different versions. Never went on one. Lady Trail told me about the stablehand who died behind Chez Piggy, I'm good.

I also never went to a Frontenacs game, I never took a 1,000 Islands Boat Cruise, and missed visiting about 15 restaurants in the downtown core I would have liked to.

This is not to suggest my time in Kingston has been wasted. It's been an interesting year filled with lessons and laughter, and who can ask for more than that? With Miss Christina and Mr. John still here, I trust we'll be back to visit.

And with that, Windsor, we enter move time. I'm not saying you'll get nothing for the rest of the week, but I don't want you to be surprised if that happens. When we go regular again, I'll be broadcasting from the center of the universe, along with about 750,000 other hacks doing the same damn thing. Life is an adventure, if nothing else, Windsor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hm-m-m-m-m, no 1,000 island boat cruise - and where were Lady Trail and you last Thanksgiving weekend?

8:40 PM

Blogger The Trail said...

Cruising the Thousand Islands, courtesy some company out Gananoque way. 1,00 Island Boat Cruise is the name of the company here that does three hour tours and dinner cruises. Big tourist attraction. NOT the same thing, booya!

But thank you for paying attention. ^_^

8:50 PM


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